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Welcome to PIMSY Electronic Health Records Software

PIMSY EMR was created by and for mental & behavioral healthcare providers.  It’s an enterprise system that offers a beautiful balance of customizability and ready-to-use functionality.  It’s comprehensive but still user-friendly; HIPAA-compliant; and completely on the Cloud.  
PIMSY offers straightforward pricing, superior customer service and the flexibility to customize to your needs.  Our four different plans provide a mental health EHR for every practice, and our new PIMSY Editions present options for niche practices like ABA, Nutrition, and more.  
Keep track of all documents and files in an electronic format, totally HIPAA compliant and on the Cloud.  Drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to complete tasks like billing and audits.  “I just did my invoicing, and it took me 1/10th of the time it used to!  THANK YOU!”  ~John McElhinny, Business Associate
Because PIMSY is an EHR and practice management system, it can organize your entire office and streamline your processes, freeing up time & money to focus on your clients.  With our functionality options, stellar support and free periodic upgrades, you won’t outgrow PIMSY!  It grows with your practice.  Want to learn more?  Ask questions; get a quote; watch the free video demo—we’d love to show you how PIMSY can enhance your practice.

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