The mental health EHR industry leader

With over 15 years of solving the most critical needs in the EHR space, PIMSY has become the trusted go-to solution for mental & behavioral health agencies across the US and Canada, supporting more than 6,000 practitioners and 1M+ active patients.

Comprehensive Solution

PIMSY EHR is HIPAA & 42 CFR Part 2 compliant. It offers a variety of solutions supporting the unique needs of mental & behavioral health, including intensive outpatient (IOP), psychiatric rehabilitation, medication-assisted treatment (dosing clinics), inpatient facilities, and more.

Stellar Customer Service

Your EHR system is core to doing business – uptime is critical, and customers can rely on PIMSY when issues arise. PIMSY’s hands-on U.S.-based Support Team is accessible and responsive, with 24/7 customer service options available.

Intuitive &

PIMSY’s platform allows for quick time to value. Easy to use, either out of the box or with configuration, PIMSY allows staff to be quickly trained and solutions deployed within weeks.

Cost & User Efficiency

PIMSY is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, reducing time spent on redundant processes and administrative issues. Clinics can decrease the burden on practitioners, while increasing their productivity.


Reduce task oriented cycles through web-based access to client information, reporting templates, notes (group, assessment, progress, and team), lab orders & results, automated document form completion, and much more. 


PIMSY is designed with the user in mind. The client experiences a simple-to-navigate portal that supports billing & payments, profile setup & edit, and communication exchanges.


Administration can be manually intensive, and the hijacker of resources. PIMSY accelerates – and in many cases automates – tasks such as client communications, form renewals, document queuing, claims & statement management, payroll, and scheduling. 


PIMSY provides business cost efficiencies through streamlined processes, reduced administration cycles, reduced denials, and quick reporting insights to clinic operations & performance.

The PIMSY Platform

extends security, flexibility, and choice through a large partner network