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How much does PIMSY cost?

PIMSY offers competitive pricing based on the number of active users in the system; and the cost includes administrative Web training / assistance. It also covers all of the PIMSY IT tasks and unlimited superior customer service.

This means a real live person answering your call and walking you through the solution. PIMSY clients are also given admittance to the PIMSY Support website, where they can create Help Desk tickets; watch PIMSY training & how-to videos; and have access to a variety of resources, such as FAQs, company documents, the user forum and more.

Pick Your Plan: choose from PIMSY Prime, Professional or Platinum to get the functionality and price you need.

Click here to request a customized quote.

Are there additional charges for Training and/or Support?
No, PIMSY’s price includes unlimited administrative training during initial implementation – and unlimited, comprehensive support for the life of the contract. Contact us for details.


How do Training and Implementation work?

Each Implementation is phased, beginning with Discovery, to identify needs, goals, work flows, etc. The next phase begins Implementation Training which utilizes a Train the Trainer approach, conducted over the web, generally over a 6-week period. From there, we work with the client in a tiered protocol, making sure everything works for each level before proceeding to the next. 

At the end of Implementation, Go Live is conducted in a manner that best meets each agency’s unique work flow. All training is supplemented with over 60 videos on the support site. Contact us for additional details.


How does Support work?
PIMSY support is usually available between 8 AM and 8 PM, EST. We have an after-hours call service available for emergency calls outside of regular business hours.
Support can be reached via phone, chat, email and ticket submission. As an additional resource, we also have a comprehensive support website, available for clients anytime. Here, you can create Help Desk tickets; watch PIMSY training & how-to videos; and have access to a variety of resources, such as Support FAQs, company documents, the user forum and more for non-time-critical issues.
How does Support triage tickets?

PIMSY encourages all our customers to log any questions or issues into our Help Desk. This ensures that everything is tracked and responded to appropriately. We then determine if the problem is a training issue, a data issue or a problem within PIMSY. If it’s a training issue, PIMSY Support works with the client on the spot to make sure they know what they are doing.

If it is a data issue, we can usually fix it the same day, depending on the extent of the problem. If it is a PIMSY interface issue that requires a new version, we will address it based on the severity of the problem: if it is a critical issue with no work around, it will be resolved ASAP. If it’s a non-critical issue, we will post the solution with the next update released.


Does PIMSY offer an audit function?
Yes! Administrators have the ability to review every footprint a user leaves in the system.
US Compliance > is PIMSY HIPAA compliant?

Is PIMSY HIPAA compliant?

All PIMSY data is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, which adheres to HIPAA protocols. PIMSY is completely HIPAA-compliant and helps you maintain compliance and data security. Click here for additional details.
How about certified for MACRA / MIPS?
PIMSY Platinum 6.0 is 2014 Edition Meaningful Use certified; we’re in the process of completing 2015 Edition certification to qualify for MIPS.
Canadian Compliance > is PIMSY PHIPA / PIEDA compliant?

Data belonging to our Canadian clients is housed only on Microsoft Auzure servers housed within Canada, making it PHIPA / PIEDA compliant.


Electronic Billing
For our electronic billing option, we have partnered with several highly rated clearing houses, including: Navicure, Trizetto Gateway, Office Ally and ClaimMd. Contact us for a comparison to see which might work best for you.
If there is a problem with the Electronic Billing function, who does a client call?

The PIMSY Support Team will work with you to determine whether the issue is on the PIMSY side or the clearinghouse’s side. Once identified, our Support Team will work with you to get the concern resolved.

Is there an additional charge for electronic billing?

With PIMSY Professional and PIMSY Platinum, there is no additional charge for electronic billing functionality. However, there may be additional charges from the clearinghouse itself, as that is a third party vendor, providing services. Please contact us to explore your options.


How do I get my data out of PIMSY?

No! Should you ever terminate your PIMSY contract, you’ll receive a free SQL Server backup of your database.

Additionally, you can export your data any time (from almost every page) using PIMSY’s Export button option.

How do I get my data into PIMSY?
There are 3 different data migration options to get your company information into PIMSY: 1) Enter the data manually on your own*; 2) Utilize PIMSY’s white glove service; or 3) Purchase a Tech Pack to have a member of our development team process data migration.

Options 2 + 3 are charged, while Option 1 is free.
*Accelerate and streamline this process by using the PIMSY Client Demographic Excel file.


Do PIMSY clients have to purchase periodic upgrades?
No! Once you are on PIMSY, you get all the latest features in each new version of your plan (PIMSY Prime, Professional or Platinum). You can also upgrade your PIMSY plan at any time, as the needs of your organization change and grow.
How often is a new version of PIMSY released?
PIMSY updates are released about once a quarter, and PIMSY clients receive a host of new features with each update.
What are the maintenance times for the system?
PIMSY performs scheduled maintenance once a quarter overnight, often on the weekend. There is no downtime during business hours.
PIMSY Platinum clients receive preference for when they are updated to a new version.  For all other clients, we begin sending emails several weeks in advance, notifying clients of a planned update. We give tentative dates and allow feedback in case there are conflicts.
What percentage of the time is PIMSY up and running?
PIMSY is up and running 99% of the time. PIMSY runs on Azure, one of the industry’s most stable and secure servers.


Can PIMSY be accessed from an iPad or Mac? Can I use PIMSY on my ChromeBook?
PIMSY is a Windows application that can be accessed on other operating systems either by:
1. The PIMSY Portal is accessible with any computer via the Browser*
2. PIMSY Mobile App*
3. Parallels or other remote desktop software hosted by you (the customer)
4. RDP (remote desktop) hosted by PIMSY for a nominal monthly charge

*Portal and App are not appropriate for administrative functions like billing and other admin tasks


What kind of hardware do you need to run PIMSY?
// Operating System: Windows 10 or higher (older versions are no longer HIPAA-compliant)
// Note: although a 32-bit machine will work, we recommend a 64-bit machine
// RAM: for optimum experience, we highly recommend 8 GB or higher
// Hard Drive: minimum of 256 GB
// Processor: highly recommend i7 or higher
// Signature Pads: Topaz model # T-S460-HSB-R (touch screen signing is available on Windows OS
// Network Speed: you need a fast and reliable internet connection: minimum 20 mbps download & 5 mbps upload

You can educate yourself on the organization’s current internet speed by going to to run a test on your high-speed internet service delivery.

Please note that the above numbers are a good starting point, but it depends on how many people are sharing the internet at the same time. PIMSY is a cloud-based product accessed by your internet connection. The more staff your organization has, the more up and down speed will be required for shared usage.

Click here for details about workstation requirements.

What database is required?
None, we host it.
Are any special networks required?
No, you do not need any special networks for PIMSY to work; but you do need a reliable internet connection. We recommend you consult your IT Department about upgrading to the highest internet speed your organization can afford. 20 mbps download and 5 mbps upload is a good minimum starting point. Click here for details about workstation requirements.
Will PIMSY work without an internet connection?

No, an Internet connection / WiFi or mobile data is required. However, if you have providers in the field or in remote areas, we have offline tools available to sync with PIMSY.

Is PIMSY web-based?

PIMSY data is web-based, housed on Microsoft Azure servers:
1. PIMSY Provider Portal is a browser-based solution for providers.
2. PIMSY Mobile App is a mobile version of the Provider Portal.
3. PIMSY Desktop version is a Windows application (no data resides on the computer).


Does PIMSY offer Role Based User Security?
Yes. With PIMSY profiles, you can control everything a user can see and do in the system.
What is the specific process to add or change a user? Are there accounts?
System Administrators simply go into the User Management area and make any changes needed. They can also assign user profiles (accounts) to control what their staff has access to and what they can execute within the system.


Does PIMSY integrate for additional functionality (ePrescribe, Wiley, appointment reminders, etc)?

Yes! PIMSY offers integration with multiple third-party vendors; click here for details.


Who else locally is using the system?

We currently have clients using PIMSY throughout the US and Canada*, and that number is growing all the time. Because we have clients throughout the country, we are well aware of the variety of EHR needs created by various state requirements and are practiced at handling this variation in compliance.

Contact us for a list of PIMSY References customized to your territory, state, or service.

*PIMSY Canada meets PHIPA standards and regulations for our clients to the North.

Kudos from Clients

Seth H.

“PIMSY more than pays for itself by streamlining my office, improving efficiency and reducing billing times. I would recommend PIMSY to anyone looking for a good EMR company that will help you implement its program and help you with any questions you have along the way.”

~ Seth H., Business Owner