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PIMSY EHR Announces Strategic Partnership with Aegis Sciences

PUBLISHED ON: 06.14.2024
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(June 11, 2024 – Waynesville, NC) – PIMSY EHR, a leading provider of comprehensive mental and behavioral electronic health record (EHR) solutions, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Aegis Sciences Corporation, a premier laboratory sciences company based in Nashville, Tennessee. This collaboration aims to enhance mental and behavioral healthcare services by integrating PIMSY’s advanced EHR systems with Aegis Sciences’ renowned science-driven laboratory solutions. 

For over thirty years, Aegis has developed innovative testing solutions that serve a wide variety of healthcare specialties, including mental and behavioral healthcare providers. Aegis delivers clarity through comprehensive medication monitoring that offers a more objective measure of an individual’s drug use with products uniquely designed to help clinicians make better decisions and improve outcomes. 

This partnership will enable the seamless data exchange of orders and laboratory test results to streamline workflows and provide mental and behavioral healthcare professionals with comprehensive insights into patient health. By integrating Aegis Sciences’ testing capabilities with PIMSY’s robust EHR platform, the partnership aims to improve diagnostic accuracy, enhance patient outcomes, and optimize mental healthcare delivery. 

“We are thrilled to join forces with Aegis Sciences Corporation,” said Ian MacDonald, Founder and CEO of PIMSY EHR. “Their expertise in laboratory sciences combined with our innovative EHR solutions will create a powerful synergy, advancing our mission to provide top-tier EHR technology that supports informed clinical decisions and improves client care for our customers.” 

The integration of Aegis Sciences Corporation within PIMSY is available immediately, and both companies are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and continuous support for clients throughout the integration process. 


PIMSY EHR is a comprehensive and fully compliant SaaS-based electronic health records (EHR) system. It actively supports thousands of Mental and Behavioral health providers, fostering a community of over 1 million active patients across the United States and Canada. Recognized as a prominent leader in the EHR field, PIMSY has been purposefully developed for the Mental and Behavioral health industry, effectively addressing crucial industry needs for more than 16 years. Established in 2007, PIMSY leverages its extensive industry experience to consistently meet the evolving requirements of providers while maintaining a steadfast commitment to cost efficiency and elevating the overall user experience. For additional information, please visit 

About Aegis Sciences Corporation 

Founded in 1990, Aegis Sciences Corporation is a laboratory sciences company based in Nashville, Tenn., that provides science-driven testing and consulting services for customers such as healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, professional and amateur sports organizations, leading college and university athletic programs, Fortune 500 corporations, and government agencies throughout the United States. For more information, please visit 

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