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Take Your Psychological Ambulatory Clinic to the Next Level with PIMSY EHR

Experience the ease and efficiency of managing patient records and administrative tasks with PIMSY’s mental health electronic health record software. Say goodbye to paperwork headaches and focus on delivering quality ambulatory care to your patients. Our ambulatory EHR system offers features such as convenient appointment scheduling, comprehensive reporting modules, and an organized provider dashboard. Make life easier for your healthcare providers! 

Features for Improved Patient Care

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Simplify medication management, enhance patient safety, and facilitate long-term care. Generate electronic prescriptions seamlessly within the EHR, reducing errors and improving treatment adherence.



Our integrated telehealth feature offers structured mental health treatment via online platforms. This enables continuous patient care regardless of location. 

Continuity of Care

Ensure a seamless transition of care and patient data (CCDA Documents), which is crucial for referrals or coordination with external healthcare providers.

Convenient Appointment Scheduling

Reduce no-show rates! Allow patients to schedule appointments and receive automated appointment reminders through the online patient portal. This reduces wait times and increases the accessibility to care.

Features That Benefit Outpatient Facilities

Provider Dashboard

Stay organized and efficient with a personalized dashboard. Access schedules, patient information, clinical notes, and administrative tasks all in one place, optimizing your workflow.

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Comprehensive Reporting Module

Gain valuable insights into practice performance and healthcare quality with our reporting module. Easily facilitate data-driven decision-making and make quality improvements for your healthcare organization.

Continuity of Care

Generate and share CCDA Documents from our EHR software to enhance the communication between healthcare providers. This reduces the risk of medical errors and improves your practice management.


Electronic Billing System

Improve your billing and revenue cycle management with our dynamic billing module. Generate invoices, manage insurance claims, track payments, and oversee your entire revenue cycle seamlessly.


“My agency went from paper to electronic, in an easy transition, without taking away from our existing integrity or quality. PIMSY’s well-trained staff took our documentation to the next level.”

– Devon H.

“The amount of safeguards for our facility to stay in compliance are endless. The workload for our compliance department work will literally have been cut in half – and PIMSY will reduce the workload for HR and our supervisors as well.”

– Ericka R.


Can PIMSY EHR accommodate small practices or outpatient facilities?

Yes, PIMSY EHR is designed to cater to practices of all sizes, including small practices and outpatient facilities. Our customizable solution adapts to the unique needs of ambulatory settings, ensuring seamless integration and workflow optimization. 

Ask us about PIMSY Prime for your small or solo practice.

How does PIMSY EHR ensure patient safety and quality of care in the ambulatory setting?

PIMSY EHR prioritizes patient safety and quality of care through features such as ePrescribing, treatment planning, and comprehensive reporting. Additionally, our solution adheres to industry standards and regulations to safeguard patient information.

Does PIMSY EHR offer customizable templates for various specialties within the ambulatory environment?

Yes, PIMSY EHR provides customizable templates tailored to different specialties within the ambulatory environment. Whether you’re a prescriber, therapist, or other qualified professional, our flexible templates allow you to document and track efficiently and accurately.

What support and training options are available when transitioning to PIMSY EHR?

PIMSY EHR offers formal training and support options to ensure a smooth transition. From initial implementation to ongoing support, our dedicated team provides personalized training sessions, online resources, and a responsive U.S.-based customer support team.

See Why PIMSY Ambulatory EHR Solutions Are Right For You

PIMSY ambulatory electronic health record software is the EHR solution you need! With customizable templates, robust medical records management, and advanced features, you can take your outpatient clinic to the next level. Take advantage of optimizing your practice – act now and experience the PIMSY advantage.


Feeling forced into a new EHR and the deadline is looming?

All EHRs are not the same. It’s critical to find the one that fits the unique needs of your organization. Find out why people choose PIMSY.