EHR and practice management for mental / behavioral health
PIMSY mental health practice management system shares insights gleaned from NatCon 2016

What I Learned From Vegas, Baby

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 3.9.16 Yes, it’s true: in the midst of the non-stop stimuli and sensory overload of Las Vegas, I learned some important lessons. Not just about conferences and how we as a vendor can improve our delivery – to help put PIMSY in front of the mental health providers who are looking...

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PIMSY offers electronic records for mental & behavioral health

Pain Point: Want Mental Health EHR

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 3.3.16 Mental Health is its own animal: the diagnostic process is more complex than in general medicine; the regulations are different and can be confusing (DSM vs. ICD vs. CPT, anyone?); and behavioral health providers face additional challenges to helping patients, such as cultural...

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PIMSY mental health practice management integrates the dsm-5

Pain Point: Need Paperless Solution

by Leigh-Ann Renz 3.3.16 Whether you’re being forced off of paper records by a regulation – or it’s simply time to change – converting from paper to electronic records can offer many benefits. In addition to the obvious benefit of reducing paper waste and saving trees, utilizing electronic practice...

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PIMSY mental health EHR software manages authorizations FOR YOU!

Pain Point: Need Authorization Management

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 3.3.16 Treatment Over Time Mental health treatment is usually most successful in a series of sessions. Like other types of therapy (PT, OT, SLP / speech therapy, etc), behavioral health sessions can be minimally useful if only applied once; and often need the repetition of multiple...

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PIMSY electronic charting for therapists save money

Pain Point: Must Reduce Expenses

We get it: there’s constant red tape and hoops to jump through to reduce expenses, a lot of which results in tightening reimbursements and increased denials. While most mental / behavioral health providers are driven by a desire to help their clients gain the balance needed to lead a productive and...

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PIMSY mental health practice management offers UB-04 / institutional billing

Pain Point: Want UB-04 Billing

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 3.3.16 We get it: just as mental health is its own unique industry, inpatient services is a separate niche within the behavioral community. As we’ve had more & more residential facilities utilize PIMSY for Practice Management, we’ve added the functionality to serve their unique...

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Pain Point: Need More Efficiency

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 2.27.16 When it’s happening, you can feel it: you’re wasting time. You could be getting more done. Things could be smoother. “This shouldn’t be this hard / take this long!” Unfortunately, life is fraught with inefficiency, and when you’re...

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PIMSY mental health practice management offers provider accountability

Pain Point: Need Staff Accountability

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 2.23.16 One of the features that people really respond to when we provide live Web demos of PIMSY is that it holds providers accountable to practice guidelines – and a high level of client care – while taking the blame for management. The Stop-Gaps Are Automatic For...

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PIMSY EHR offers custom and standard reporting options

Pain Point: Need Practice Reporting Data

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 2.23.16 In order to run a profitable and viable practice, you have to obtain data about your agency. You’ll want to have easy access to both a bird’s eye overview of the financial health, productivity rates, staff status, client data, and more – and be able to drill down into the...

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PIMSY behavioral health software ICD-9 to ICD-10 crosswalk

Pain Point: Changing ICD & CPT Codes

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 2.22.16 For our clients and the practices we have heard about, ICD-10 has not yet been the firestorm we were warned about. Whether that’s because the powers-that-be did such a great job sounding the alarm that everyone was well prepared – or whether the transition was simply smaller...

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Kudos from Clients

Seth H.

“PIMSY more than pays for itself by streamlining my office, improving efficiency and reducing billing times. I would recommend PIMSY to anyone looking for a good EMR company that will help you implement its program and help you with any questions you have along the way.”

~ Seth H., Business Owner

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