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The PIMSY team understands that staying informed about newsworthy and relevant topics in the ever-changing EHR landscape is crucial. Passing this information to our community allows us to remain nimble in providing customized solutions based on customer needs. Examples include integrating EHR software with artificial intelligence, compliance with healthcare regulations, and the intersection of mental health EHR systems and psychedelics.
EVENT DATE: February 29, 2024

PSYCHEDELICS – Ibogaine-Assisted Therapy

Exploring Ibogaine: Unveiling the Potential and Risks of One of the Most Promising Psychedelics for Addiction Join us in this stimulating webinar exploring the fascinating realm of Ibogaine-Assiste…
EVENT DATE: January 11, 2023

PSYCHEDELICS – LSD-Assisted Therapy

Pioneering the Future of Mental Wellness: LSD-Assisted Therapy Step into the cutting-edge world of psychedelic healing with our exclusive webinar! We invite you to join us on an enlightening journe…
EVENT DATE: November 16, 2023

PSYCHEDELICS – Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy

Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy: Illuminating the Path to Healing and Transformation Welcome to our groundbreaking webinar on Psilocybin-Assisted therapy, where we will uncover this innovative therapeu…
EVENT DATE: October 26, 2023

PSYCHEDELICS – MDMA-Assisted Therapy

Breaking Boundaries in Healing: Uncover the World of MDMA Therapy Join PIMSY and guest speaker Dr. Raymond Turpin, Executive Director of the Pearl Psychedelic Institute, as we embark on a journey o…
EVENT DATE: September 28, 2023

PSYCHEDELICS – Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Discover the Transformative Power of Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy! Join PIMSY and guest speaker Dr. Raymond Turpin, President and Executive Director of the Pearl Psychedelic Institute, as we exp…
EVENT DATE: August 24, 2023

MIPS for Mental and Behavioral Health

Join our exclusive webinar as we delve into the core essentials of the MIPS program and its profound impact on the mental and behavioral health landscape. An industry expert, speaker Wayne Singer, …
EVENT DATE: July 27, 2023

PSYCHEDELICS – Exploring the Potential in a New Era of Mental Health

Enjoy this webinar experience on the transformative potential of Psychedelics Therapy in mental health practices. Gain valuable insights from an expert and explore the path to becoming a licensed p…
EVENT DATE: June 15, 2023

Mastering AI & HIPAA Compliance

AI and HIPAA Compliance Essential Insights for Mental & Behavioral Health Providers For mental and behavioral health professionals, it’s crucial to address a pressing concern. How does th…
EVENT DATE: May 23, 2023

CURES Act & Information Blocking Compliance

Stay Ahead of CURES Act Compliance – Join Our Essential Webinar for Mental & Behavioral Health Providers. In April 2022, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra announced that plans to enforce the C…

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