EHR and practice management for mental / behavioral health

Addiction + Suicide Resources

Although this article contains UK stats, it also offers some valuable information and resources for helping someone avoid suicide in the US. While we’re not affiliated with Ocean Recovery and have not vetted their services, it looks to be a solid resource for mental health clinicians, those...

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PIMSY EHR for mental health honors Veterans

Memorial Day 2016

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 5.28.16 In recognition of Memorial Day, we at PIMSY EMR would like to honor the Veterans and active service members who serve and protect us all. We also salute enlisted families and military support staff. May you have a safe and happy Memorial Day and make space for reflection...

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Better for Our Veterans

As this sobering infographic demonstrates, we could – and should – be doing better for our Veterans. Have you found creative or innovative ways to support Veterans in your community? Find out more at

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PIMSY behavioral health software shares May is Mental Health Month resources + information

May is Mental Health Month 2016

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 5.18.16 May has been recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month since 1949 in Washington. In 2016, members of Congress, federal agencies, and mental health advocates across the nation are teaming up to promote awareness, offer resources, and reduce stigma.  “During National...

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PIMSY mental health software shares home ownership for disabilities article

Home Ownership for People With Disabilities

from The Simple Dollar, 4.14.16 We just received a blog post from The Simple Dollar with information about making home ownership more accessible for people with disabilities, including veterans. While we’re not affiliated with The Simple Dollar and have not vetted their services, it looks to...

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PIMSY mental health EMR: telemedicine is going the distance

Going the Distance: Telepsychotherapy

Telemedicine for Mental & Behavioral Health Care Recently, more therapists have turned to electronic means for treating patients by distance. This practice is now named Telehealth, and more specifically for mental health, Telepsychotherapy. According to Health and Human Services (HHS) and the...

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PIMSY behavioral health software honors Veterans Day 2015

Veterans Day 2015

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 11.11.15 We at PIMSY EHR would like to acknowledge and thank the Veterans who have served our nation. By their dedication and sacrifice, they have protected the freedom of all citizens. While we strive to be mindful of military veterans every day, we take the opportunity to officially...

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PIMSY mental health software asbestos resources for veterans

Veterans and Mesothelioma

Veterans of the U.S. military account for nearly a third of all mesothelioma diagnoses — and those veterans qualify for special financial benefits from the Veterans Administration (VA). “Veterans are at higher risk today than the general population for developing an asbestos-related illness...

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Sobering Mental Health Statistics for Veterans

The statistics for veterans and mental health are sobering: About 30% of military personnel deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan have a mental health need requiring treatment. However, less than half of those in need receive treatment. If that isn’t disconcerting enough, the Department of Veterans Affairs...

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Kudos from Clients

Seth H.

“PIMSY more than pays for itself by streamlining my office, improving efficiency and reducing billing times. I would recommend PIMSY to anyone looking for a good EMR company that will help you implement its program and help you with any questions you have along the way.”

~ Seth H., Business Owner

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