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*July 2016 B: Do I Have to Document Medical Necessity If I Don’t Take Insurance?
*July 2016 A: All About the BAA
*June 2016 B: Documenting Medical Necessity for Transgender Youth
*June 2016 A: HIPAA Part 7: 5 Steps to Take After a HIPAA Breach
*May 2016 B: Documenting Medical Necessity for Couples’ Counseling
*May 2016 A: HIPAA Part 6: Don’t Let It Hit You On the Way Out
*April 2016 B: You Might Be Mis-Diagnosing PTSD and/or Schizophrenia
*April 2016 A: How Are You a HIPAA Target?
*March 2016 B: HIPAA Compliance in a Nutshell
*March 2016 A: Ouch! What’s Your Pain Point?
*Febrary 2016 B: Best Feature Yet
*February 2016 A: HIPAA Audits Part 5: Where’s Your PHI Data?
*January 2016 B: CPT Codes Changed Effective 1.1.16
*January 2016 A: Busy Yet? What If You Had These Practice Management Tools?


*December 2015 B: Who Are We and Why Do We Keep Emailing You?
*December 2015 A: Should Your EHR Have Canned Notes?
*November 2015 B: HIPAA Part 2: Into the Breach
*November 2015 A: Happy Veterans Day
*October 2015 B: 2016 Year of the HIPAA Audit
*October 2015 A: Here’s How Easy ICD-10 Could Be
*September 2015 B: This Is It: Last Minute Tools for ICD-10
*September 2015 A: How do CPT, DSM and ICD interact for mental health?
*August 2015 B: One Month Left to ICD-10!
*August 2015 A: 7 Steps to the Finding the Right EHR for Your Practice
*July 2015 B: 4 Steps to Reducing Denials
*July 2015 A: 8 Steps to a Smooth ICD-10 Transition
*June 2015 B: Dr. Jason King ICD-10 Webinar Series
*June 2015 A: Have you outgrown your legacy system?
*May 2015 B: Axis Diagnoses Update
*May 2015 A: ICD-10 Roadmap
*April 2015 B: Just like our name, PIMSY is uniquely different!
*April 2015 A: ICD-10 Action Items
*March 2015 B: Secure Direct Email
*March 2015 A: ICD-10 Action Items
*Feb 2015 B: Compliance Guide Part 4: HIPAA
*Feb 2015 A: Compliance Guide Part 3: ICD-10
*Jan 2015 B: Compliance Guide Part 2: DSM-5
*Jan 2015 A: Compliance Guide Part 1: PQRS





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Leigh-Ann Renz is the Marketing & Business Development Director of PIMSY EHR. For more information about electronic solutions for your practice, check out Behavioral Health EHR.

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