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HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), was enacted in 1996. It protects health insurance coverage for workers and their families when they change or lost their jobs. It requires the creation of nationwide standards for electronic health record transactions, and it seeks to protect the privacy and security of health data. 

Because it affects every realm of the medical field, mental & behavioral health care providers must maintain HIPAA compliance, which has become more complex with the advanced use of technology and electronic data transmission. In early 2013, a 563 page Omnibus Rule HIPAA amendment was released, effective March 26 and requiring compliance by September 23, 2013. 

We focus on how HIPAA affects mental / behavioral health and substance usage providers.

(Disclaimer: Ultimately, it is the responsibility of each practice to ensure HIPAA compliance, including the 2013 Omnibus revisions. PIMSY EMR/SMIS has gathered information from various resources believed to be authorities in their field. However, neither PIMSY EMR/SMIS nor the authors warrant that the information is in every respect accurate and/or complete. PIMSY EMR/SMIS assumes no responsibility for use of the information provided. Neither PIMSY EMR/SMIS nor the authors shall be responsible for, and expressly disclaim liability for, damages of any kind arising out of the use of, reference to, or reliance on, the content of these educational materials. These materials are for informational purposes only. PIMSY EMR/SMIS does not provide medical, legal, financial or other professional advice and readers are encouraged to consult a professional advisor for such advice.)

PIMSY mental health software shares HIPAA compliance in a nutshell

HIPAA Compliance in a Nutshell

It’s that time of year: flowers blooming, birds chirping, weather warming – and HIPAA audits increasing. Word on the street is that HIPAA audits are increasing early this year.  Thankfully, we’ve got you covered: our HIPAA Compliance Officer, Donna Koger, has put together a...

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PIMSY mental health EHR asks: are you a HIPAA target!?

Why Am I a HIPAA Target?

by Scott Koger, 2.24.16 Did you know health data is the number one type of data sought by hackers? One reason it is so popular is because health information is usually much more detailed personal information than say, credit card data. There is a lot of PHI that goes beyond name, address and phone...

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PIMSY mental health practice management hipaa email guidelines

HIPAA Email Guidelines

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 2.12.16 Does Email Violate HIPAA? With OCR set to increase audits in early 2016, maintaining HIPAA compliance for your organization is more important than ever. Does email violate HIPAA regulations? How do you transmit information – or email – in a HIPAA-compliant format? Don’t...

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PIMSY behavioral health practice management system PHI identifiers

2016 HIPAA Audits Part 3: PHI Identifiers

by Donna Koger, 11.5.15 Personal Health Information (PHI) Identifiers If you have come across the word “identifiers” in connection with Personal Health Information (PHI), you may have asked yourself “what are they and why should I care about identifiers?” If you are aware of the types...

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