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The transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 billing codes will be massive. Even though mental / behavioral health codes are a small part percentage of the 68,000 available under ICD-10, the same payers will be processing everyone’s codes! Experts are warning that practices need to have at least six months’ cash reserves to weather the potential reimbursement backlog, and early preparation is your best defense for ICD-10.

Did you know that DSM codes are ICD!? Contrary to popular belief, all claims with dates of service 10.1.15 and after must be coded in ICD-10, whether the DSM is consulted for diagnosis coding or not. Check out our blog posts and articles below for details about DSM, ICD, how they interact – and click here to see how PIMSY behavioral health practice management can help you maintain compliance.

(Disclaimer: Ultimately, it is the responsibility of each practice to ensure ICD & DSM compliance, including the 10/1/15 ICD-10 transition. PIMSY EMR/SMIS has gathered information from various resources believed to be authorities in their field. However, neither PIMSY EMR/SMIS nor the authors warrant that the information is in every respect accurate and/or complete. PIMSY EMR/SMIS assumes no responsibility for use of the information provided. Neither PIMSY EMR/SMIS nor the authors shall be responsible for, and expressly disclaim liability for, damages of any kind arising out of the use of, reference to, or reliance on, the content of these educational materials. These materials are for informational purposes only. PIMSY EMR/SMIS does not provide medical, legal, financial or other professional advice and readers are encouraged to consult a professional advisor for such advice.)

5) ICD-10 Testing Tips

credit: CMS & HHS, 7.24.15 ICD-10 Preparation for Mental & Behavioral Health and Substance Usage Providers                          “While ICD-10 is less than 75 days away, you still have time to get ready. But you must...

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1) Why Test ICD-10 Now?

credit: CMS & HHS, 7.20.15 ICD-10 Preparation for Mental & Behavioral Health and Substance Usage Providers “While ICD-10 is less than 75 days away, you still have time to get ready. But you must get ready now. Why is it important to test now?   Testing is vital to making...

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PIMSY behavioral health software small ICD-10 relief

A Little ICD-10 Relief

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 7.9.15 ICD-10 Annoucements & Resources that Affect Mental / Behavioral Health and Substance Usage Providers “Medicare review contractors [MACs and RACs] will not deny physician or other practitioner claims billed under the Part B physician fee schedule through either automated...

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PIMSY behavioral health electronic records software june icd-10 action item

June ICD-10 Action Items

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 6.29.15 Meeting ICD-10 Compliance for Mental / Behavioral Health, Psychiatry and Substance Usage June Item #1: Test With Your Payers  If you haven’t started already, you should begin testing ICD-10 diagnosis codes with your payers in June. October 1st will be here before...

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behavioral health electronic records confident provider

8 Steps to a Smooth ICD-10 Transition

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 1.28.14 (revised on 6.23.15) ICD-10 Action Plan for Mental / Behavioral Health and Substance Usage Providers Ready to get started on ICD-10? For ICD-10 background information, check out:ICD-10 Compliance for Mental HealthHow does ICD-10 affect mental health?  Meanwhile, here’s...

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PIMSY behavioral health EHR ICD-10 plan ahead

ICD-10 Compliance for Mental Health

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 1.9.14 (revised 6.19.15) Mental & Behavioral Health Practices Need to Plan Now for ICD-10!! ICD-10 is here: although the official deadline is not until October 1, 2015, some hospitals and medical practices have been preparing for the change for years. This transition is huge...

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