EHR and practice management for mental / behavioral health

Practices that treat substance usage have some unique needs. Since many are inpatient or IOP (intensive outpatient) facilities, they need an EHR that offers the functionality necessary to those specialties. Additionally, substance usage usually requires treatment by a doctor to address physical needs, in tandem with mental health treatment. This means that substance usage agencies typically need EMR features such as ePrescribing, Decision Support, and Lab Integration – and that they qualify for programs like Meaningful Use / MACRA.
This blog / resource center includes articles that pertain to substance usage practices from the following 3 angles:

Functionality + features unique to this field of mental / behavioral health
Compliance tools, such as guides to deciphering MACRA or ICD-10 code updates
General articles about substance usage to support clinicians in delivering quality care

If you have any tools you’d like us to add, please send them to me

We at PIMSY EHR recognize that substance usage is a critical challenge for our nation, especially during this current period of opioid epidemic, and would like to assist providers in addressing it, whether or not they’re users of our software.

What are the Most Common Substance Use Disorders in the United States?

by Jerica Rossi, 10.26.18 Substance abuse and dependence are combined under the category of ‘Substance Use Disorders’ in the latest edition of the DSM. These occur when the recurrent use of a substance causes health problems, impairment of judgment, interpersonal issues or the inability to meet responsibilities. According...

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What Does a Substance Use Facility Need in an EHR?

by Jerica Rossi, 10.5.18 When it comes to substance use treatment, an EHR is instrumental in fostering better care coordination and improving clinical care. In order to meet the demands of addiction rehabilitation facilities, an EHR must account for both the operational needs of the agency –...

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What to Know About Eating Disorders, Substance Use and Trauma

by Jerica Rossi, 5.20.18 According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD), as many as 24 million Americans are affected by eating disorders. Some health experts consider eating disorders to be a silent epidemic and have the highest mortality rate of any mental...

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