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Child & Family

Simplify Child & Family Therapy with PIMSY EHR

PIMSY EHR simplifies the complexities of managing child, adolescent, and family therapy practices by offering a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) software solution. With features tailored to family providers and their patient’s unique needs, PIMSY makes clinical documentation, appointment scheduling, and communication more manageable. This allows clinicians to devote more attention and time to providing quality care.

Upgrade your adolescent practice management with our EMR software – see for yourself how PIMSY can enhance your care delivery.

Improving the Therapy Experience for Young Patients

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Patient / Client Portal

Provides an overview of each patient’s care journey and enables easy access to healthcare information, appointment reminders, and secure messaging. This promotes an environment of active patient engagement and family involvement.


Telehealth Integration

Removes barriers to receiving therapy by allowing patients to attend sessions from home, which is especially beneficial for families with scheduling or transportation challenges. Our EMR software solutions make behavioral health care accessible to all patients, regardless of their location.

Automatic Form Filler

Speed up the paperwork and intake processes for new and returning visits with our automatic form filler. This feature reduces wait times and ensures a smoother clinic experience for patients and their families from the first visit.

Making Child & Adolescent Therapy Practices More Efficient

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Customizable Treatment Plans

Customizable templates allow healthcare providers to design personalized care plans and track progress with outcome measures. This allows for more focused and effective therapy sessions.

Group Notes & Clinical Notes

Spend less time on paperwork! Facilitate quick and thorough documentation of therapy sessions, saving time while maintaining detailed records for each patient.

Centralized Scheduling

Supports complex scheduling needs, making it easier to coordinate between therapists, patients, and their families, ensuring everyone is on the same page.


“PIMSY helps us manage our agency more efficiently and has everything you could want: …automated billing, a powerful scheduler, extensive online patient portal, appointment reminders, easy-to-use catalog of diagnosis codes, custom note templates and, surveys.”

– Andrew H.

“The best thing about PIMSY: not only is it a tool that helps staff do their job better; it also generates data that I can then use for things like assessing staff productivity.”

– Molly R.


Can I customize the templates for different types of therapy sessions?

Yes, PIMSY offers customizable templates to meet the needs of other modalities and services, including occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy.

How does PIMSY ensure HIPAA compliance?

Patient privacy is our top priority! All PIMSY data is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and adheres to HIPAA protocols. Our HIPAA-compliant features like secure communication and encrypted data ensure patient information is always protected.

Click here for additional details on how PIMSY can help keep you HIPAA Compliant.

What types of services can PIMSY EHR software be used for?

PIMSY is versatile enough to support many types of services including occupational, speech-language, and physical therapy.

Does PIMSY offer training resources?

Our implementation process is carefully structured in phases, where we identify your specific needs, goals, and workflows for your mental health practice. Our training is delivered online, typically spanning a 6-week period.

For additional support during training, we provide access to over 60 instructional videos on our support site.

Does PIMSY help with insurance claims management for my practice?

Yes, PIMSY EHR can help with claims management by automating the process. Our platform offers features like electronic claims, customizable 837 files, and online payments.

Why Choose PIMSY for Your Practice?

Don’t miss the opportunity to better your therapy practice with PIMSY’s practice management software. Designed to meet the unique challenges of child & adolescent care, our electronic medical record software streamlines clinical documentation, enhances patient engagement, and ensures HIPAA compliance. With our pediatric EHR system, you’ll find better ways to manage your practice, reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, and improve patient care!


Feeling forced into a new EHR and the deadline is looming?

All EHRs are not the same. It’s critical to find the one that fits the unique needs of your organization. Find out why people choose PIMSY.