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Client-Centered Mental Healthcare: The Power of the PIMSY EHR Client Portal

Client Portal functionality in an EHR system is critical as it is the main point of online communication where mental health professionals interact with clients electronically, ensuring the management of medical information securely and privately. It must be a secure and private online platform as the health care providers have client access and manage various aspects of their therapeutic relationship, including detailed medical history, electronic health records, and mental health information. From appointment scheduling to consent and medical history documentation, the client portal enhances all forms and stages of collaboration between mental health professionals and their clients, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and patient-centered approach to mental healthcare. 

How PIMSY EHR Can Help

An efficient patient portal within an EHR software solution enhances patient engagement, streamlines communication, and provides secure access to personal health information, fostering a transparent and collaborative therapeutic relationship. By incorporating features such as secure communication, the ability to schedule appointments, and access to treatment plans, the portal account ensures efficient care delivery, empowering clients in their mental health journey and facilitating adherence to privacy and regulatory standards.

PIMSY Client Portal Functionality

Revolutionize your agency with the PIMSY Client Portal, designed with the user in mind. Experience a simple-to-navigate web portal where users can conveniently access health information, electronic forms, payments, appointments, medical records, and treatment plans from their mobile devices or anywhere with an internet connection. 

Key Advantages:  

Access to Personal Health Information 
Clients gain easy access to personal health information, enhancing transparency and collaboration in the therapeutic process. This customizable feature enhances the patient experience but can be disabled if necessary.

Enhanced Communication
Enable direct communication between clients and mental health professionals, fostering a continuous and confidential channel for communication. 

  • Messaging: Secure and confidential communication allows direct interaction between clients and providers, enhancing accessibility and continuous client support
  • Medication Refills: Clients can request medication refills, ask physician questions, and receive responses in a simple contact portal.
  • Alerts: Send and receive automated alerts (i.e., when new messages arrive, appointment reminders, form completion is required, portal setups are completed).   

Telehealth Integration
It easily integrates with telehealth features, allowing for remote video sessions through secure telehealth platforms.

Appointment Management
Clients can schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments online, which provides flexibility and reduces the administrative burden on both the client and provider. 

Compliance/Secure Information Sharing
PIMSY meets strict privacy and security standards to protect sensitive health information. It is HIPAA, ONC Health IT Certified/2025 Edition, and 42 CFR Part 2 compliant. Confidential information can be shared securely and efficiently, maintaining privacy and full compliance. 

Treatment Plan Collaboration
It gives the patient access to view and collaborate on their treatment plans, ensuring a shared understanding of goals and progress between the mental health professional and the patient. 

Remote Monitoring
Providers can remotely monitor patient progress, enabling timely interventions and adjustments to treatment plans based on real-time information.

Efficient Administrative Processes
Electronic forms, document submissions, and online billing streamline administrative processes, reducing paperwork and enhancing overall efficiency for clients and mental health professionals.

  • Forms: Clients can complete registration and submit custom or standard forms (i.e., the PHQ-9) online.
  • Billing: Customized invoices can be generated, and payment history can be tracked.
  • Payments: Clients can view and pay invoices online, saving time and resources. They can also save credit cards to their charts. Information is stored with complete security.
  • Compliance: HIPAA, ONC Health IT Certified/2025 Edition, and 42 CFR Part 2 compliant. 

The PIMSY client portal enhances accessibility, communication, and engagement while providing a secure and efficient platform for collaborative treatment.   


The PIMSY client portal is a transformative tool, revolutionizing mental health and patient care by offering unparalleled advantages for electronic medical records. From secure access to personal health data and streamlined communication to telehealth solutions and efficient administrative processes, our platform enhances accessibility, engagement, and collaboration between clients and mental health professionals. By prioritizing compliance, privacy, and user-friendly features, PIMSY ensures a secure and efficient environment, ultimately empowering individuals in their mental health journey.

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