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Social worker Medicare re-credentialing by lottery?

We were recently asked: “One of our part-time office support staff persons just told me that Medicare is going to have a recredentialing process for social workers in which you will participate by lottery.  When your number comes up, you will have to pay $500.00 to be re-credentialed.  That is a wallop for the small-time providers.  Have you heard anything about that?”

For questions involving Medcaid or Medicaid, I don’t like to guess or find the information second-hand; I go right to the source and ask them directly.  Here’s the verbatim reply from the CMS (Centers for and Medicare and Medcaid Services) to my inquiry:

“Good morning.  Medicare requires revalidation.  This revalidation is required every 3 to 5 years depending on provider/supplier type.  Medicare will notify you via a revalidation request letter when you are due to revalidate.  There is no lottery.  There is an application fee, which is approximately $523.  The fee is not annual. It is only collected at the time of initial enrollment and during revalidation (every 3 to 5 years, depending on provider/supplier type). However, the fee is only charged to entities.

Institutional entities, groups and DMEPOS supplier entities are charged a fee. Individual practitioners are not charged a fee to enroll in Medicare or revalidate their information. [emphasis mine]

Thank you,

Customer Service

Provider Enrollment Operations Group (PEOG) Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)”

If you ever have a Medicare/Medicaid question that you don’t have the time to research, please email it to me:  I’m happy to pass it along and post the answer I receive from the CMS.  (You can also send questions about EMR, compliance, PIMSY, or anything else you’d like to get more information about).

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