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Custom Form Building

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Master PIMSY EHR Form Building for Ultimate User Efficiency

Form building is integral to any comprehensive software platform, but it can be complex and sometimes daunting. However, the rewards are substantial, particularly regarding user experience. With PIMSY, Form Building is about building a tool in addition to creating an interface for users.

Efficiency, accuracy, and customization are key components in modern healthcare documentation, and our custom online forms feature is crafted to excel in all these areas. Tailored to meet the evolving demands of healthcare professionals and patients, this innovative tool combines user-friendly predefined templates with flexible customization capabilities. It seamlessly integrates with existing data systems, ensuring up-to-date, compliant, and error-free documentation. Ideal for various medical contexts, from routine check-ups to specialized procedures, custom design your forms to streamline documentation, enhancing patient care and operational effectiveness in healthcare settings.

Harness the power of form building within the PIMSY platform:

Predefined Templates

Utilizing predefined templates in custom patient forms expedites the setup process, offering healthcare professionals quick turnaround times and faster implementation. These templates are a starting point tailored to common medical documentation needs, ensuring that essential fields are included and formatted correctly.


Automated processes in custom medical form creation ensure adherence to predefined standards, yielding forms with a uniform and professional appearance. This consistency is crucial in medical documentation, where uniformity in form structure aids in easy navigation and data interpretation by mental healthcare providers.

Reduced Errors

Form automation in custom medical forms significantly minimizes the risk of human error. Enforcing predefined rules and formats enhances the accuracy and completeness of data, which is vital for maintaining patient records’ integrity and making informed medical decisions.


Custom medical forms offer extensive customization options. Users can tailor forms to meet specific clinical requirements, modify questions, and adjust layouts to optimize for various medical scenarios. This flexibility is key in addressing the diverse documentation needs of different medical specialties.

Real-Time Updates

Custom medical forms support real-time updates and modifications, ensuring the forms always reflect the most current medical practices and information. This feature is essential for maintaining consistency and reducing the risk of using outdated or irrelevant forms in a dynamic healthcare environment.

Data Integration

These automated forms integrate seamlessly with existing data systems, simplifying data management for healthcare providers. This integration reduces manual data entry, a common source of errors, and streamlines patient data handling, leading to more efficient patient care.

User-Friendly Interface

Remove paper forms from your workflow with easy-to-build custom forms that feature user-friendly interfaces, reducing the need for extensive technical skills.

Compliant and Accessible

Forms are designed for accessibility and strict HIPAA compliance, ensuring usability for diverse client needs while adhering to legal and privacy requirements.

Enhanced User Experience

The well-designed, error-free nature of our custom medical forms provides an enhanced user experience. They are easy to navigate, leading to higher satisfaction, more completed forms, and streamlined operations among healthcare organizations and clients. This ease of use contributes to increased efficiency in medical processes and patient care.
Our form builder will help your mental health practice enhance client engagement and data management. This powerful tool empowers all mental health professionals to create and customize forms that resonate with their unique client needs. The ability to streamline data collection through these custom forms not only ensures data integrity but also enables healthcare professionals to focus more on client care rather than administrative tasks. In mental health, where understanding the client’s perspective is paramount, form-building becomes a crucial element. Adopting form building in mental health practices is not just an enhancement to software solutions; it’s a step towards more personalized, effective, and empathetic client care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limits to the number of questions you can have in your system when building a form?

The limit is determined by how many questions your users can comfortably read through without getting tired of answering. It is essential to consider the user experience, whether they are clients or providers.

Can you assign forms to specific clients in your system?

Yes, you can assign forms to specific clients and control individual assignments or set up default assignments for groups of clients upon creation.

Is the auto-save feature available on all surveys and audits in PIMSY?

The auto-save feature is available on all surveys and audits. Check the “auto-save report to client chart” option, which will save the document directly to the client’s chart. This feature ensures that documents are automatically updated in the portal folder accessible to clients.

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