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Mental Health EHR Customer Service and Support

PUBLISHED ON: 07.29.2023
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Importance of Mental Health EHR Customer Service and Support

In Electronic Health Records (EHR), the significance of mental health EHR customer service and support system rivals, if not surpasses, that of the system itself. It’s not merely about having a fantastic tool; it’s about knowing how to utilize it effectively. Without proper understanding and application, the EHR may fail to add value to your agency and even hamper efficiency.


The Importance of EHR Training

Ensuring thorough training for you and your staff in using your mental health EHR is essential for the prosperity of your business. You can only save time and money and achieve your intended purpose by harnessing the full potential of your chosen software.

When seeking a mental health EHR, it is crucial to ascertain that the vendor offers comprehensive and in-depth training. Inquire about their implementation plan, including data migration from your current system or paper processes. Do they provide role-specific training sessions for different staff (e.g., billers, front desk, clinicians)? How soon can you start actively using the system? Will they tailor the training to your organization’s needs, or is it a standard, one-size-fits-all approach?

The Significance of EHR Customer Service & Support

After the initial training, having reliable ongoing EHR customer service & support becomes vital, especially with the introduction of new software releases that may alter the information covered in the initial training.
Pay close attention to the specifics of the vendor’s support system: Is it limited to email, or do they also offer phone support? If phone support is available, what are the operating hours, and what’s the procedure if calls go unanswered? How long does it take to receive a response?

Consider whether phone support is in the U.S. or an international call center. Some vendors may give complimentary video or webinar support but charge extra for live customer service or offer a combination of support options (e.g., web, phone, email, video).

You may have specific preferences, such as having employees watch training videos before seeking support or accessing a Client Forum to consult with other users. Ensure that the vendor can accommodate your preferences and needs.

Taking Cost into Account

Cost considerations are also significant. For example, if the training and support require flying your staff to a different state for on-site training, it might push the program beyond your budget, even if the system is cost-effective. You might need more hands-on assistance if the long-term support is limited to videos and webinars. Alternatively, if excellent support is available at an exorbitant price, you may want to explore other companies offering more affordable or accessible support.

The PIMSY Team wisely advises: “When choosing a mental health EHR, always factor in the quality and cost of customer service & support; they can be more crucial than the program itself.”

Additional Considerations for Mental Health EHR

For more guidance on choosing the right EHR for mental and behavioral health, you can access a complimentary guide here [link]. Additionally, if you’re curious about how PIMSY handles customer service & support, you can find more information here [link].

For additional resources and tools, visit our EHR Resource Center. If you’re interested in how PIMSY can save time, reduce expenses, and maximize your agency’s profitability, please get in touch with us at 877.334.8512, ext 1 or

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