EHR Direct Email / Secure Encrypted Messaging

PUBLISHED ON: 03.20.2015
Direct Email / Secure Encrypted Messaging for Mental & Behavioral Health

As HIPAA compliance and data security become more vital than ever to providing comprehensive care, Direct Email / Secure Encrypted Messaging offers data security and helps you meet MIPS measures. This is especially vital to behavioral health care agencies & clinicians – particularly those who treat substance use and must meet the requirements of 42 CFR Part 2, in addition to HIPAA.

What is Direct Email / Secure Encrypted Messaging?

Secure Encrypted Messaging is a protocol for protected data sharing, ensuring that the PHI (protected health information) you exchange with your clients & colleagues is – and remains – safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant. Click here for a clear and concise overview.

How does it work?

Direct Email / Secure Encrypted Messaging allows you to send anything you choose to your clients: mood surveys, depression tests, lab results, session notes, clinical summaries, etc – in a secure format. It also allows you to send any information you want to other providers, such as clinical summaries, as long as they have a direct email address.

Previously, HIPAA limitations and data security concerns made exchanging this type of PHI risky and prohibitive. Recognizing these concerns, legislative bodies have come together to provide an electronic solution for an increasingly digital world.

Are there any limitations?

You can only send this type of PHI email to other direct email addresses. For example, you wouldn’t be able to email YourClient, as gmail is not a direct email address. Direct email is not technically an email: it’s a secure method of encrypted data transfer that mimics email. Anyone you send PHI to via this method will need to have a direct email address.

Does it meet MIPS requirements?

2015 Edition Certified providers (such DataMotion, the one vendor PIMSY partners with) meet the MIPS requirements for Measure (170.315 (h)(2) – Direct Project, Edge Protocol, and XDR/XDM. Click here for more information about 2015 Edition, certified vendors, MIPS, PQRS, MACRA, and Meaningful Use.

How do you obtain Direct Email for your agency?

Contact us for more information about Direct Email / Secure Encrypted Messaging, how it can enhance your organization, and how PIMSY helps you qualify for MIPS: 877.334.8512, ext 1 –


Leigh-Ann Renz

Leigh-Ann Renz

Leigh-Ann Renz is the Marketing & Business Development Director of PIMSY EHR. For more information about electronic solutions for your practice, check out Mental Health EHR.

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