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EHR for Inpatient Services

PUBLISHED ON: 11.13.2015

Are you looking for an EHR for inpatient services? PIMSY offers functionality specifically for inpatient behavioral health treatment, such as substance use, eating disorders, developmental disorders, group home services, addiction, and other specialized onsite treatment.

Behavioral Health UB-04 Billing

UB-04 billing, aka institutional billing, is a more complicated process than standard outpatient billing and may not be offered in standard outpatient EHRs. PIMSY’s UB-04 billing is easily customizable to specific payer requirements: you can control whether or not to include the admitting diagnosis, admission dates, the CLIA number when appropriate, etc.

It satisfies the needs of those agencies that only bill rev codes without HCPCS codes – and offers the ability to include or leave out most fields on a UB-04 based on your payers’ specifications. 

eMAR for Inpatient Mental Health

PIMSY’s eMAR functionality provides complete medication accountability by tracking precisely which medications are administered to which client, when, where, and by whom. eMAR reduces the amount of time spent on documentation, speeds up the prescribing process for patients, and is compliant with federal regulations.

“Facilities using EHR software see a 63% reduction in medication errors.” ~ Capterra

HIPAA // 42 CFR Part 2 // PHI Security

HIPAA compliance, PHI security, and adherence to 42 CFR Part 2 are always important, but they’re especially crucial for inpatient facilities. PIMSY is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, which is fully HIPAA compliant and provides data encryption & security. PIMSY adheres not only to HIPAA protocols, but also to 42 CFR Part 2. Keep your clients’ privacy intact with PIMSY’s rigorous security safeguards. 


Electronic prescribing options enhance efficiency and streamline workflow, especially for inpatient facilities. PIMSY has been partnered with H2H Solutions for e-Prescribing since 2011, as part of our ONC-ACB Meaningful Use Certification. Prescribe medications, send them to the pharmacy, track drug allergies, and record medication allergies directly in PIMSY. 

Bed Management

Using PIMSY’s color-coded bed management screen, you can quickly and easily triage all the available placements in your facility.

Seamlessly schedule beds, maintaining a waiting list, and determine when a space is projected to become available. PIMSY also automatically creates a daily bed attendance log and notes. Click here for details.

Lab Results

With PIMSY, you can seamlessly pull HL7 lab results into the system – and quickly see the results of the diagnostics you’ve ordered: drug tests, urinalysis, blood screen, tox screen – anything you’ve sent to the lab. You can create flags for any lab criteria you want to monitor, such as having all positive drug tests show up red in the reporting results.

PIMSY has partnered with several leading labs and is regularly integrating with more facilities.

Census, Inventory, & Tasks

PIMSY’s daily log census reports offer comprehensive occupancy tracking. Easily determine who was in each bed, each night, for any time period you want to track (month, quarter, year).

We’ve built a killer, comprehensive inventory system that offers complete container management. Track all of the medications in your facility by bottle, pill, patient, and provider.

PIMSY’s Task Management feature is a real-time conversation among multiple staff members. It can be connected to a client (such as receiving an auto-generated alert when a new medication is prescribed), or its own topic, separate from patients. Visible from the dashboard, this unique method of communication enhances coordination of care for clients and accountability & efficiency for your agency.

Authorization Management

PIMSY provides complete authorization management: if a provider starts to write a session note for an expired or used up authorization, the CPT bill code won’t even show up as an option for them to use. Your clinicians will literally not be able to process an invalid auth, helping your agency to never again bill for an ineligible session. 

Each time a valid authorization is used, PIMSY automatically decrements the master list, sending an alert when it’s time to re-up. You can choose when and how to be reminded: when you’re down to a certain amount of unused auths left; within two weeks of the authorization expiration date, etc. You have control over how PIMSY sends the reminder.  

PIMSY EHR for Inpatient Services

If your facility offers inpatient treatment, you can benefit both your patients and your organization by securing EHR for inpatient services, including the functionality specified above.

For more information about how PIMSY can save time, reduce cost, and maximize profitability for your inpatient facility, check out our Features page – or contact us: 877.334.8512, ext 1 ||


Leigh-Ann Renz

Leigh-Ann Renz

Leigh-Ann Renz is the Marketing & Business Development Director of PIMSY EHR. For more information about electronic solutions for your practice, check out Mental Health EHR.

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