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As a health agency leader, you understand the difficulties in choosing the appropriate mental and behavioral Electronic Health Record (EHR) software for your unique needs.

With numerous options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to determine which mental and behavioral health vendor will effectively support your organization.

PIMSY EHR is a specialized mental and behavioral health EHR software designed organically to address the distinct requirements of these practices, making it the best EHR solution for mental and behavioral health professionals.

Choosing EHR systems for mental and behavioral health.

To assist in your selection of the best mental and behavioral health system, use this free HER Guide. It will help navigate the mental and behavioral health EHR market and provide valuable insights on selecting the right mental and behavioral health practice management EHR.

This robust EHR Guide includes over 15 detailed considerations for your next Mental and Behavioral Health EHR solution. Here is a sneak peek at five summarized insights: 

  1. Robust Authorization Management: A reliable EHR with strong authorization management capabilities ensures timely payment and allows for multiple actions.
  2. Integrated Treatment Plan: Choose an EHR that seamlessly integrates the treatment plan with progress notes for efficient documentation.
  3. Powerful Reporting Functionality: Look for an EHR with robust reporting capabilities, eliminating manual data processing.
  4. Secure Profile Management: Opt for an EHR with profile security to control access and ensure data security and compliance.
  5. Automatic Backup Protocols: Select an EHR that offers automated nightly backups for reliable data protection.

Additional considerations include audit management, data ownership, cost implications, customer service availability, ongoing updates, customization options, clearinghouse choices, internal communication features, and specialized functionality for mental and behavioral health, including inpatient services.

Feeling forced into a new EHR and the deadline is looming?

All EHRs are not the same. It’s critical to find the one that fits the unique needs of your organization. Find out why people choose PIMSY.