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Improving Medication Administration: How PIMSY’s Electronic Health Record Software Enhances Patient Safety with an eMAR Feature

An Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) is a digital version of the traditional paper medication administration record used in healthcare settings. With an EHR system, practices can streamline medication administration processes, reduce the risk of dosing errors, and improve overall efficiency in healthcare delivery.

PIMSY offers an effective eMAR software solution designed to simplify medication management in healthcare settings. This feature is essential for ensuring patients receive the right medication and dosage at the appropriate times. By moving all medication administration records online, PIMSY reduces the manual tasks that can lead to errors and inefficiencies, enhances communication among team members, and improves adherence to regulations.

Benefits and Key Features of PIMSY’s eMAR Functionality

Medication Orders Entry: Providers can enter medication orders directly into the system and include details such as medication name, dosage, frequency, route of administration, and any special instructions. This feature significantly ensures patients receive the correct medication and reduces the amount of medication errors.

Medication Dispensing: Once medication orders are entered into the system, they can be electronically transmitted to the preferred pharmacy (ePrescribe) or dispensed from an in-house pharmacy or inventory. Each transaction is documented.

Patient Profiles: eMARs are linked to the client’s profile, allowing providers to access comprehensive medication information.

Medication Administration: eMARs track each administration, including date and time, dose, route, any observations, or client responses, and who administered the drug.

Barcode / QR Scanning: PIMSY supports the integration of barcode or QR scanning to verify each bottle, ensuring the proper medication is given to the right patient at the right time.

Inventory and Tracking: PIMSY’s Inventory tools allow a facility to assign specific bottles to patients, auto-decrement pill counts according to what has been dosed and matches manual pill counts to the system counts for increased security and transparency of discrepancies. Whether the medication is supplied “in house” or the patient brings medications from home, this tracking can be linked to the original package all the way down to the individual pills. Bar code and QR scanning technology is integrated with this feature.

Alerts and Reminders: Staff receive automatic alerts and reminders, including allergy warnings, dosage checks, and reminders for scheduled medication administrations.

Documentation and Reporting: PIMSY stores comprehensive documentation of medication administrations, providing a detailed record for each client. Reports can be generated from the eMAR data for auditing, quality improvement, and compliance purposes.

ePrescribe Integration: PIMSY offers ePrescribing to facilitate electronic prescribing, medication reconciliation, and seamless communication between the provider team and pharmacists.

Customization to Meet Specific Needs: Understanding that each healthcare facility has unique needs, PIMSY eMAR can be customized. This flexibility ensures that the software meets the specific requirements of your staff.

Improved Operational Efficiency: With PIMSY eMAR, healthcare providers spend less time on administrative tasks. This efficiency allows health care providers to dedicate more time to patient care, improving the overall quality of service.


Implementing an Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) system is crucial for enhancing patient and resident safety and reducing medication administration errors in mental healthcare environments. PIMSY EHR is a necessary solution due to its comprehensive features that are explicitly tailored to mental health, behavioral health, and substance use service needs.

Choosing PIMSY’s eMAR system means selecting a tool that supports effective medication management. It is designed not only to meet the everyday needs of administering and tracking medication but also to improve the safety and well-being of clients. With features that support direct communication with pharmacies and alert staff in real-time, PIMSY EHR software stands out as a reliable choice for healthcare facilities aiming to improve their medication administration processes.


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