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PIMSY behavioral health practice management adds fresh functionality for 2017

Fresh Functionality

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 1.8.17

Mental Health EHR Updates + Enhancements

Happy New Year! In December, we released another PIMSY update, meaning that we provided our customers with a ton of cool new features, totally free.

One of the things that sets PIMSY apart from other systems is that we routinely perform these complimentary product updates, based directly on our clients’ requests. They tell us what they’d like to see in their mental health EHR, and we make it happen.

We have yet to encounter another product – or Team – that is responsive to customer feedback. It’s simply unheard of in the industry.

Even beyond PIMSY itself, we’re also constantly improving our hardware and hosting capabilities: we recently made some changes with Microsoft Azure so that PIMSY runs even faster. We don’t just keep adding new stuff; we continually “de-frag” the existing software + hardware to make sure our powerful product stays as nimble as possible!

Cool New Features

Below are overviews of some of these cool new features – to see this functionality in detail, contact us to schedule a Web demo. We’re happy to show you these tools live and answer any questions you might have: 877.334.8512, ext 1 – 

Document Tree

> Search for client documents much more easily
> Modern, streamlined and intuitive interface
> Much more organized

dec 2016 doc tree

Customizable Financial Reports

Configure financial reports to meet your needs:
> Drag and Drop Columns
> Group and Sort to your liking
> Highlight and Color code to your liking
> PIMSY saves your formatting for next time
> Extensive filtering options

dec 2016 customizable financial reports

Client Image

> Take the client’s picture right from PIMSY
> Provides better security at check-in
> Offers a personal touch for patient care

dec 2016 client image

Unlimited Customizable Formatting

PIMSY Platinum now offers an unlimited amount of customizable forms, formatted to your specifications (aka “q-and-a”):
> Add as many new forms / questionnaires as you want
> Allow the client to fill them out from the patient portal
> More options for tracking vital clinical data
> Help expand your practice and offer new programs
> Never run out of space

PIMSY mental health EHR now offers an unlimited amount of customizable forms in its Platinum version

Universal Spellcheck

Now spell check is on every screen in PIMSY: 

PIMSY behavioral health practice management software now offers universal spellcheck


On the Horizon for 2017 

In addition to all of the enhancements we just added, here’s a taste of what’s coming in 2017:

PIMSY Lifeline

Lifeline is a call center / ticket tracking application that is perfect for Community-Based Mental Health programs. It can be used on its own and also interfaces seamlessly with PIMSY. Lifeline processes mental health emergency calls for suicide, overdose, withdrawal, psychotic episode, prescription drug crises, rape & domestic violence, trauma, and other types of behavioral health emergent situations. 

Strategic Partnerships

PIMSY will be entering into some strategic partnerships that integrate our powerful mental health EHR with industry-proven billing services. The vendors we’re working with have the mettle to provide whatever level of revenue cycle management + processing you desire, seamlessly integrated with PIMSY, at an affordable, streamlined cost. 

Mental Health EHR Enhancements

In 2017, we will continue to make enhancements to our existing mental health EHR, further refining the client portal, provider portal, treatment plan, and much more. And don’t forget that we already offer:
> a mobile app that works on any smartphone
> a totally unique automatic form filler
> credit card processing
> lab integration
> intensive outpatient (IOP) protocols + functionality
> many more robust yet efficient features

Get More 

Check out our Features page to see what behavioral health practice management tools we already offer. We are constantly evolving to provide our clients the very best product – and services – possible. Let us know what you need, and we’ll see if PIMSY’s the right fit for your practice:

877.334.8512, ext 1 – – schedule a live Web demo

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Leigh-Ann Renz is the Marketing & Business Development Director of PIMSY EHR. For more information about electronic solutions for your practice, check out Behavioral Health EHR.

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Kudos from Clients

Seth H.

“PIMSY more than pays for itself by streamlining my office, improving efficiency and reducing billing times. I would recommend PIMSY to anyone looking for a good EMR company that will help you implement its program and help you with any questions you have along the way.”

~ Seth H., Business Owner