How Much Is It Costing You to Stay on Paper?

PUBLISHED ON: 03.09.2015
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Paperless Implemention for Mental / Behavioral Health

The most expensive process is a paper one. Filing, managing, duplicating and storing data on paper is expensive.  A 5-drawer filing cabinet takes approximately $24,000 to fill and $2,000 per year to manage*.  File rooms take up valuable office space, and copier contracts consume budget dollars that most businesses consider the “cost of doing business”. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

“Paper is an expensive luxury in comparison to what it costs to manage it digitally.” ~ Future Law Office

It’s easier than ever these days to ditch the expensive paper habit and start saving with a paperless implementation. But how do you get from here to there, and who is going to help keep you out of the weeds, as they say?

Ready for Change?

The PIMSY Team has experience guiding organizations like yours through the process of digitizing, and reducing reliance on, paper documents. Change can be hard – even when planned well. Most organizations don’t have the manpower or experience to manage and organize company-scale software implementations. This is where our experience goes to work for you, showing the way to implement your vision for a paperless company across every department.

It is crucial to the success of any paperless initiative to have a comprehensive understanding of the entire organization and how the various pieces interact. Clinical, remote, billing, HR, and support staffs all have different core functions with varying processes and needs. We work together with you and your key employees to understand the flow and function of your business, and then shape a solution that fits your needs.

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For more information about electronic solutions for your practice, check out Mental Health EHR.

*source: Future Law Office

Leigh-Ann Renz

Leigh-Ann Renz

Leigh-Ann Renz is the Marketing & Business Development Director of PIMSY EHR. For more information about electronic solutions for your practice, check out Mental Health EHR.



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