It All Started with an EHR Wish List

PUBLISHED ON: 08.04.2013

In 2007, Jackson County Psychological Services (JCPS) weren’t happy with the software they were using for their behavioral health agency: it was clunky, inefficient, and not meeting their needs. They were personal friends with our CEO and asked him to create a new system – from scratch – to their exact mental health & substance use specifications.

The request was: “if we give you our EHR wish list, can you create a new program for us?”

Instead of add-ons to a general medicine program, they wanted a system that was truly designed for mental & behavioral health, from the ground up. They wanted something designed not just for clinicians, but also integrating the needs of the front office, billing department, and management. Our CEO assembled a team of lead developers and rose to the challenge. Together, they engineered PIMSY: a comprehensive, flexible, and affordable EHR solution – based on the JCPS wish list.

After building PIMSY, we realized that there must be other agencies, like JCPS, looking specifically for a mental health EHR. We put the word out and found plenty of demand in the market. With each new install, we were able to fine tune PIMSY to various regulatory demands – and an array of treatments.

As our customer base grew, so did the system. Today, PIMSY is used in over 40 states, for a variety of behavioral health services.

EHR That Evolves With You

When considering EHR software, don’t settle for a program that stays static. Parameters change, especially within the field of mental & behavioral health. Your EHR should grow and evolve with your agency, whether that’s moving from the office to telehealth during a pandemic – expanding to multiple locations – or adapting your documents to the meet the demands of laws or regulations.

We offer three tiers of functionality, providing options of features & price to meet our clients’ diverse needs and budgets. PIMSY is updated about a once a month, and almost all of the changes are all driven by our customers’ feedback & requests.

In this way, the program continues to evolve based on our end users’ EHR wish lists: it’s continually being refined by and for behavioral health care clinicians & agencies. Make sure that any software you consider is open to your direct needs and input.

The Capability to Customize

PIMSY’s Q&A functionality gives our customers the ability to fine tune the program to their exact specifications: to implement their wish lists, independently, any time they choose. Throughout the system, you can customize a variety of parameters, from reports to notes, from the receipt printed when your front desk takes a payment, to treatment plan details.

You probably won’t find a system that meets your complete EHR wish list out of the box, so finding one that satisfies most of your functionality items and offers you the ability to dial in your specific needs is optimal. The best case scenario is a solid software that works well for your agency from the get go – and offers you the capability to customize it to your unique requirements, especially over time.

Complimentary Guide to Behavioral Health EHR

As you’ve probably already experienced, there’s a lot to consider when choosing behavioral health EHR. Use our complimentary guide to streamline the process and make sure you’re covering your bases: click here to access.



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Leigh-Ann Renz

Leigh-Ann Renz

Leigh-Ann Renz is the Marketing & Business Development Director of PIMSY EHR. For more information about electronic solutions for your practice, check out Mental Health EHR.

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