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Job-Seeking Veterans Fear PTSD Stigmas, a New LiveCareer Survey Finds

PIMSY mental health EMR veterans fear ptsd stigma

NEW YORK – November 6, 2014 – According to a new LiveCareer survey, almost 88% (87.7%) of current and former military members believe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or other mental injuries of war affect veterans’ employment chances when entering the civilian workforce.

And, while 92% of the respondents believe their military experience makes them a better employee, only 60.8% think their military background helps them in their civilian job search.

“The truth is, over 80% of veterans return home without PTSD. Still, an overwhelming number of military job seekers feel like they’re facing an uphill battle against certain stigmas,” said Doug Jackson, CEO of LiveCareer.

US military members want better PTSD awareness

Ninety-three percent of survey respondents believe employers should be better educated on PTSD and other non-physical disabilities.

“When it comes to PTSD and other mental injuries of war, military job seekers think employers are still in the dark,” said Jackson. “If employers learn more about these invisible injuries, maybe we could eliminate some misconceptions and see more veterans get hired.”

Veterans advise military members searching for civilian work to be proud of their service

LiveCareer asked military job seekers what advice they’d give other military members who are returning to the civilian workforce. Here are their top responses:

  1. Be proud: 32% of respondents say be proud of your background and show it off on your resume.
  2. Get help: 28.6% of respondents advise other veterans to seek professional advice from a career counselor.
  3. Be prepared: 20.6% of respondents warn veterans to be ready for a long and difficult job search.
  4. Be social: 15.7% of respondents recommend using social media well in advance of separating from the military.

The US military should provide more help to veteran job seekers, according to US military members

Almost 89% (88.6%) of military members want the military to be more active in helping veterans find work. While the military offers a Transition Assistance Program (TAP), veterans seem open to further career counseling and placement.

Despite the stigmas, veteran job seekers think they’re better employees because of their service

Almost 92% of respondents believe their military experience makes them a better employee. In addition, 97% of respondents think other veterans should show off and be proud of their background as they search for work.

“Military job seekers rally behind the belief that their service has made them more competent workers. No matter their service branch, military personnel are confident in their ability to perform as outstanding employees,” said Jackson.

Veterans struggle to translate their skills onto a resume

Fifty percent of veterans and active military members find it difficult to translate their military experience when writing a resume. And only 16.4% of respondents find it very easy to do so.

Survey Methodology
LiveCareer conducted this national survey from October 8, 2014 to October 29, 2014. The survey included a representative sample of 1,153 United States veterans and active military members.

About LiveCareer
LiveCareer offers an award-winning online resume builder that allows anyone to create, edit and send a professionally designed, results-driven resume in minutes. Founded in 2005 with the simple mission of creating products that help job-seekers land the jobs they want, LiveCareer offers a full suite of career development tools, including professional resume and cover letter writing services, scientifically-validated career tests and video interview tutorials. www.LiveCareer.com



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