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We Want You Back

We also sincerely thank you for your continued interest in PIMSY EHR.

We take great pleasure in welcoming familiar faces like yours, presenting us with the chance to showcase the improvements we’ve made. 

Let’s Get Re-acquainted!

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What We’ve Been Up To

Allow us to provide a comprehensive demonstration of how PIMSY EHR optimizes mental and behavioral health practice operations. You’ll learn about many new key features like the ones listed below and re-acquaint yourself with our tested and proven features that you once enjoyed, all in a single platform designed to empower your practice. 

Key Changes

Intuitive Client Management

PIMSY offers a powerful and comprehensive provider portal, allowing practitioners to handle electronic health records effortlessly, including personal information, treatment history, and appointment details. The provider portal streamlines client management in creating and updating treatment plans for easier client progress tracking. Additionally, clinicians can quickly input and access progress notes, ensuring all client interactions are accurately recorded and easily retrievable. 

Integrated Telehealth and Virtual IOP

With PIMSY’s integrated telehealth feature, practices can offer remote counseling sessions, extending their services beyond geographical limitations. This integration facilitates seamless scheduling and conducting of telehealth appointments, providing flexibility and convenience to both therapists and clients. It’s particularly beneficial in improving access to clinical care for clients facing barriers to in-person visits. 

Unmatched Efficiency in Billing Solutions

PIMSY simplifies the billing process, improving the accuracy and efficiency of financial operations. The system supports the generation of invoices, processing of insurance claims, and tracking payments. Its ability to handle various billing scenarios, including direct billing to clients and claims to insurance companies, ensures a smooth financial workflow, minimizing errors and reducing administrative burden. 

Customizable Reporting

PIMSY reporting provides valuable insights into decision-making. Generate customized reports such as client progress, financial analytics, and service utilization. These reports aid in evaluating the effectiveness of treatments, understanding practice trends, and making data-driven decisions to optimize practice management and client outcomes. 


We’ve revolutionized clinical notetaking with the all-new AI tool, PAISLY AI Assistant. This artificial intelligence feature transforms your clinical notes into brilliant narratives with lightning-fast speed and incredible accuracy while boosting your workflow. 

Medication Management

PIMSY has mastered medication management by providing a centralized digital platform for providers to record, track, and manage client medication. The result is effective and safer medication management to improve client outcomes and streamline healthcare workflows. 

Plus, We’re Here to Help!

With PIMSY EHR, you’re not just acquiring an EHR platform; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to your success. Our comprehensive training remains in place so your team will fully understand and utilize all aspects of our upgraded practice management software. We also still offer ongoing support to address challenges, updates, or questions you may have as you use the system. We’ve also added live webinars and recorded instructional videos based on PIMSY features should you need guidance. As always, our responsive customer service team is available to assist with any technical or functional inquiries, ensuring you continuously maximize the benefits of your EHR software. 


Q: How much does PIMSY cost?
A: PIMSY offers competitive pricing based on the number of active users, covering web-based training, IT tasks, and unlimited customer service. Various options are available to fit specific needs, and prices include comprehensive support and administrative training during initial implementation​​.
Q: How does training and implementation work with PIMSY?
A: Training and implementation are phased, starting with Discovery and then a 6-week web-based Training. PIMSY utilizes a Train the Trainer approach, ensuring the system is implemented in a way that suits each agency’s workflow​​.
Q: Is PIMSY HIPAA-compliant and does it offer an audit function?

A: Yes, PIMSY, a certified EHR, fully complies with industry standards, including the 2015 Edition Cures Update MIPS certification and HIPAA and PIPEDA, with data hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. It also offers an audit function for administrators to monitor system usage, ensuring data security and compliance​. 

Q: How does PIMSY handle electronic billing?
A: PIMSY has partnered with several Clearinghouses for electronic billing, allowing integration with existing billing systems. The Professional and Platinum options include electronic billing, though additional charges from the Clearinghouse may apply​​.
Q: What kind of support does PIMSY offer?

A: PIMSY provides support from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST, with after-hours emergency options available. Support is offered via phone, chat, email, and helpdesk ticket submission. A comprehensive support site with training videos and resources is also available​​.

Q: Can PIMSY be customized to meet specific practice needs?
A: PIMSY allows role-based user security, enabling system administrators to tailor the system to meet specific practice needs. Administrators can control what each user can see and do in the system​​.

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