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Mental Health
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Empower Your Mental Health Practice with PIMSY EHR!

In the field of mental health, delivering personalized and effective care is paramount. PIMSY EHR is designed to provide mental and behavioral health practitioners with a powerful, customizable, and user-friendly solution that addresses the unique needs and challenges of this specialty. Elevate your agency with a tool that streamlines administrative tasks, enhances patient engagement, and ensures compliance, allowing you to focus on what matters most – patient well-being. 

Unique Features for Mental Health EHR Software

PIMSY EHR brings forward a suite of key features specifically crafted for mental health services. We are an all-in-one solution for mental and behavioral health, substance use, and eating disorder clinics.

Personalized Patient Portals

PIMSY EHR’s client portal is designed to foster a seamless connection between your patients and your practice. The portal enables secure, encrypted communication, enabling patients to schedule or reschedule appointments, access important documents, and communicate with their providers in real-time. This feature empowers patients to take an active role in their mental health journey, fostering engagement, and facilitating better outcomes.

Clinical Notes & Documentation

Efficiently managing sessions and documentation is pivotal for service delivery. PIMSY EHR’s innovative solutions allow staff to effortlessly record, organize, and access detailed notes, individualized treatment plans, electronic health records, and treatment outcomes. Our features are crafted to streamline your workflow, ensure accuracy, and enable a more in-depth understanding of each patient’s therapeutic journey, ultimately contributing to more personalized and effective care.

Telehealth Integration

In an era where convenience and accessibility are paramount, our telehealth integration comes as a boon for both clinicians and patients. PIMSY EHR offers integrated telehealth features, allowing you to conduct secure, HIPAA-compliant video sessions, expanding your reach, and offering flexibility to those who may not be able to attend in-person appointments. This feature is particularly beneficial for ongoing patient care, ensuring continuity and accessibility of mental health services.

Appointment Scheduling and Reminders

Not only can you schedule appointments, with PIMSY EHR’s automated appointment reminders, you can significantly reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Patients receive timely reminders via their preferred communication method, enhancing engagement and ensuring that they are well-prepared for their sessions, thereby optimizing your practice’s schedule and enhancing overall efficiency.

Billing & Insurance Claims

Navigating the complexities of billing and insurance claims can be a daunting task, especially given the specificity of mental health billing requirements. PIMSY EHR software simplifies this process with integrated billing solutions, meticulously tailored for mental health practices. This feature ensures accurate authorization tracking, timely submissions, and efficient management of claims, reducing administrative burden and maximizing financial health.

Data Security & Compliance

In the mental health field, the confidentiality and security of patient data are non-negotiable. PIMSY EHR is equipped with robust HIPAA-compliant features and undergoes regular updates to ensure adherence to the latest security standards. Our commitment to data security and compliance safeguards sensitive patient information, fosters trust, and allows your practice to focus on delivering exceptional patient care with peace of mind.


“I definitely recommend PIMSY. It has been a tremendous asset to our agency, and their team is very responsive to our needs. PIMSY has made everything about our jobs easier!

– Raymond T.

“PIMSY has been everything I’ve wanted – and more – all under ‘one roof’. From client scheduling, billing, tracking, statistics, and even sending client reminders. I am so much more efficient in my practice now and wish I had discovered PIMSY sooner.”

– Dan S.

PIMSY EHR: Practice Management Software for Mental Health Providers

PIMSY EHR is an integrated solution for mental health organizations, addressing the nuanced requirements of mental health professionals. Our software streamlines workflows, reduces administrative burden, enhances patient-provider interactions, and ensures regulatory compliance. No matter your specific needs or requirements, PIMSY EHR is your partner in delivering high-quality mental health care.


Q: How long does it take to implement and get trained on the software?

A: Each Implementation is phased, beginning with Discovery, to identify needs, goals, workflows, etc. The next phase begins Implementation Training which utilizes a Train-the-Trainer approach, conducted over the web, generally over a 6-week period. From there, we work with customers in a tiered protocol, making sure everything works for each level before proceeding to the next.

Q: Can the interface be customized to match our clinic’s specific needs?

A: Absolutely! Our EHR system is designed with flexibility in mind. We understand every clinic has unique requirements. Therefore, our interface allows customizations to suit your workflow, terminology, and specific practice needs.

Q: Is the EHR software compliant with HIPAA and other relevant regulations?

A: Absolutely! We prioritize the security and confidentiality of personal health data. PIMSY is a completely HIPAA-compliant software and helps your practice maintain compliance and data security. Click here for additional details.

Additionally, Canadian client data is housed exclusively on Microsoft Azure servers located within Canada, adhering to PHIPA / PIPEDA-compliant requirements.

Q: What kind of customer support is available, and during what hours?

A: Our dedicated US-based customer support team is available Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 8 PM EST. We provide various channels of support, including phone, email, and live chat. For urgent matters outside of these hours, there’s an emergency line to ensure you’re always covered.

Q: What is the pricing structure? Is it a one-time fee, subscription-based, or based on the number of users or patients?

A: PIMSY EHR offers a subscription-based pricing structure. The cost is scaled based on the number of users and features or software solutions you opt for. Detailed pricing can be found here or discussed with our sales team.

Why PIMSY EHR for Mental Health Providers?

Choosing PIMSY EHR is choosing a partner dedicated to the success of your mental health practice. We understand the unique challenges faced by mental health professionals and have developed a system that addresses these needs with precision and care.

Enhance your practice’s efficiency, patient engagement, and compliance with PIMSY EHR.

Feeling forced into a new EHR and the deadline is looming?

All EHRs are not the same. It’s critical to find the one that fits the unique needs of your organization. Find out why people choose PIMSY.