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How Can a Mental Health EHR Benefit You?

Already familiar with the basics of EHR? Click here for tips on implementing an electronic solution, guidance for upgrading your mental health EHR, and for additional EHR benefits.

Not sure what EHR is or what it can do for your mental health practice? Continue reading for general information about EHR, how it can enhance your practice, and how to pick the right mental health EHR for your organization.

What is Mental Health EHR?

EHR, or electronic health records, are also called EMR, electronic medical records. They are essentially an electronic form of paper charts. While every EHR is different, those worth their salt increase your practice’s efficiency by eliminating redundancy and reducing the amount of time it takes to complete necessary, routine tasks.

While there are tons of EHRs for general and specific medicine, there aren’t many programs geared to mental & behavioral health. Some of the larger medical programs have created smaller offshoot software to cater to our healthcare niche, but these programs often do not address the complex needs of the mental / behavioral healthcare industry.

PIMSY mental health EHR is both electronic records and a complete Practice Management System integrated into one comprehensive software. This means that it offers all of the benefits of an enterprise-level EHR and provides the tools to organize & streamline your practice. It was built by and for mental / behavioral health and substance abuse organizations.

How can a Mental Health EHR enhance your organization?

An EHR should make your life easier! While there is a learning curve and an investment to implement any new system in your practice, once you & your staff are fully trained and using a mental health EHR, everyone’s workload and stress level should be reduced! By increasing efficiency and connecting every part of your practice, electronic records should free up your time to focus on your clients, not your paperwork.

     “I LOVE LOVE LOVE PIMSY… has made my job / life so much easier, especially with billing and payments. I used to spend hours on it and now it        is just a few clicks and everything is done. Everything is very user friendly and all of the features are easy to learn.” (Erin Wallace, Office Manager)

Using an EHR should save you time & therefore money. For example, billing processes that used to take hours on paper can now be done in minutes with just a few button clicks. Because your mental health EHR should connect every part of your practice, the calendar appointment is connected to the note created by the provider, which is connected to the billing process, and so on.

     “I just did my invoicing with PIMSY, and it took me 1/10th of the time it used to! THANK YOU!” (John McElhinny, Business Associate)

An EHR should help you reduce denials and increase your revenue flow: by catching errors electronically before submission, you can correct your claims immediately instead of going through the inefficient process of denial & rebilling. PIMSY scrubs all claims on 65 different variables, helping you ensure that your billing is processed (and remitted!) once.

     “Using PIMSY, we are now functioning at a 50% faster recovery rate for money and a 50% lower denial rate.” (Kim Turpin, Business Director)

Check out the comprehensive guide “What Do Electronic Health Records Mean For Our Practice?” for details.

How do you pick the right Mental Health EHR for your practice?

We’ve tried to break the process down into manageable chunks and provide guidance for your journey, whether you pick PIMSY mental health EHR or another option. The most important keys to a successful electronic records implementation are a) finding the right system for your practice and b) ensuring that your staff is thoroughly trained on the program to maximize the benefits it offers.

Check out 7 Steps to Finding the Right EHR for Your Practice.

More Information About Mental Health EHR

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Seth H.

“PIMSY more than pays for itself by streamlining my office, improving efficiency and reducing billing times. I would recommend PIMSY to anyone looking for a good EMR company that will help you implement its program and help you with any questions you have along the way.”

~ Seth H., Business Owner