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Are Missed Appointments Costing You Money? 

PUBLISHED ON: 08.02.2023
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Missed Appointments Cost Money

According to a study by Software Advice, mental health clients have a no-show rate that could be as high as 50%, significantly surpassing other medical industries. A mental health practice can face an annual revenue loss of $30,000 or more with just four missed weekly appointments. Implementing appointment reminders becomes a worthwhile consideration considering these figures. The study revealed some key findings: 

  • 43% of clients admitted to missing mental health appointments without prior notice. 
  • The most common reasons for missing appointments were conflicting work or family obligations (27%) and forgetfulness (27%).   

Do demographics make a difference? 

Demographics also play a role in appointment reminder preferences. Clients under 35 were more interested in text message reminders (personal – 27% and automatic – 26%), while those over 35 preferred personal phone call reminders (26%). 

Can appointment reminders improve your revenue stream?  

To illustrate the positive impact of appointment reminders, one of the groups saw a 10% reduction in their no-show rate within a year after implementation. Previously, they spent hours making manual calls to clients. With the automated process, they could fine-tune the system and determine the best day and time for reminders. 

Furthermore, they engaged with clients during their visits, confirming that they received reminders and stressing the importance of attending or rescheduling if necessary. This approach, coupled with explaining the messaging service and obtaining consent for reminders during the intake process, has resulted in substantial time and cost savings for the agency.  

Every Agency is Different 

Tailoring the reminder system to the practice’s specific needs is crucial. Collecting reminder preferences from new clients through an intake form or first appointment can be valuable. Experimentation and data analysis are essential to identify the best methods for reducing no-shows and improving the practice’s bottom line. Ultimately, reimbursement for sessions depends on clients showing up for appointments, making appointment reminders an integral part of maintaining a successful practice.  

PIMSY Appointment Reminders 

PIMSY, a mental health EHR, offers an optional appointment reminder service through Twilio. The reminders can be sent via text, phone call, or email, fully customizable to suit the practice’s preferences. For more information on how PIMSY handles practice management and appointment reminders, contact us at 877.334.8512, ext 1, or

If you want a mental health EHR that embodies these principles, please get in touch with us or request a demo.

Hopefully, these shopping tips prove beneficial in your search for the right solution for your agency.

For additional insights into electronic solutions for your practice, consult our EHR Guide.

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