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PAISLY AI Assistant

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The newest game-changing feature brought to you by PIMSY EHR!

Prepare to revolutionize your clinical notetaking with the all-new generative AI tool, PAISLY AI Assistant. Say goodbye to the tedious task of crafting clinical note narratives by hand! 

We’re talking about boosting your workflow like never before. This new artificial intelligence feature transforms your clinical notes into brilliant narratives with lightning-fast speed and incredible accuracy. 

Like a built-in personal session assistant, PIMSY AI Assistant frees up your precious time so you can dedicate more energy to the specific needs of your patient visits. With these new capabilities, your practice can improve the documentation process, improve operational efficiency, reduce clinician burnout, ensure accurate records, and more.

Automate Your Clinical Note Narratives

PAISLY AI Assistant, designed for electronic health records (EHR), utilizes advanced natural language processing, speech recognition tools, machine learning, and AI technology to analyze your documented (or referenced) information in the session note. The AI system will then generate an insightful and coherent narrative in your chosen format, eliminating the need for manual narrative construction.

PAISLY allows mental healthcare providers to quickly document sessions using discrete data points and clickable forms, converting those answers into a narrative.

Benefits of PAISY AI Note Generator


PAISLY AI Assistant saves valuable time and reduces administrative tasks, allowing them to focus more on patient care and collaborate with the healthcare team.


PIMSY uses various prompting techniques to ensure that narratives in medical records are accurate and informative, focusing on relevant information for individual cases. Only the selected client data is fed to the PAISLY engine. No outside information or patient data can be referenced.


We prioritize patient privacy, data security, and sticking to medical guidelines. PAISLY AI Assistant adheres to strict privacy regulations and healthcare industry best practices, ensuring patient health information (PHI) is de-identified during the narrative generation.


PAISLY AI Assistant integrates into existing workflows with an intuitive and easy-to-follow user-friendly interface within PIMSY EHR. Integrate AI into your clinical documentation processes seamlessly.

How to Generate AI Notes in PAISLY AI

Mental healthcare professionals can quickly generate comprehensive notes right from their dashboards. View all your important information in one place. It’s this easy:

  • Navigate to the Forms tab
  • Choose a specific form
  • Click the Paisly icon
  • Choose narrative template
  • Choose included information
  • Click Generate
  • Review and save

Watch the demo at the top of the page to see a visual representation of how PAISLY AI can improve your therapy documentation.

PIMSY – Your New EHR System with AI Capabilities

Improve your mental health practice and medical documentation process with PAISLY AI Assistant! Our innovative solution enables mental health therapists to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time tracking client progress. 

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