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Streamlining Payroll Processes: Leveraging EHR Integration for Mental Health Agencies

Integrating payroll processing with an EHR system offers numerous benefits for your practice, including the following:

  • Accurate payroll time tracking calculations
  • Increased efficiency through automated data entry
  • Compliance assistance with overtime hours and tax reporting
  • Enhanced security for sensitive payroll data
  • Cost savings by eliminating manual data entry for calculating the provider’s billable hours

Benefits of PIMSY’s Payroll Features

PIMSY EHR’s payroll service feature collects, houses, and calculates data to run payroll, streamlining administrative processes for mental health organizations of all sizes. Place the administrative burden on us! Advanced features of the payroll function include:

Employee Data Management

  • Record employee data with settings based on billing codes and pay structures
  • Multiple options are available, including percentage-based payment structures
  • Pay by user groups or by individual 
  • View payment history per team member
  • Track services and labor costs with settings that identify potential duplicate payments 

Attendance and Time Tracker

  • Easily view all your employee hours in real time
  • Allows for accruals per pay period (i.e., paid time off and vacation) 
  • Measures total employee productivity, including, employee time and payroll hours


  • Payroll report automatically removes all client names for HIPAA compliance
  • Send reports and pay stubs with transaction breakdowns to each employee 
  • Misc. Total option allows manual addition or deduction of individual transactions

Compliance & Security 

  • Ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations regarding payroll, such as managing overtime rules and hourly rates.
  • Robust security measures to protect employee information from unauthorized access or breaches.

screenshot of payroll tracker

Frequently Asked Questions

If a payer changes codes, will the administrator be alerted?

No, but PIMSY calculates and tracks time and services through a digital timesheet. If a payer recoups a service, the payroll module adjusts the next payroll for you, taking the burden of adjustments from you. Additionally, if a payer pays after denials, PIMSY accounts for that and pays the provider accordingly. 

If I don’t want providers or employees to see how much a payer pays for services, can I allow for this in reporting?

Yes! You can customize settings for your specific needs. You decide what information shows on the provider’s payroll reports!

Is there a feature to handle payroll adjustments when there are changes in billing or service denials?

Yes, PIMSY EHR’s payroll feature automatically adjusts payroll calculations in response to changes such as service denials or recoupments by payers. This functionality reduces the administrative burden on staff and ensures accurate payroll processing under varying circumstances


PIMSY EHR’s software solutions offer significant advantages for payroll integration in mental health agencies. Its seamless integration capabilities with payroll software or HRMS streamline administrative tasks, allowing efficient and accurate data transfer between systems. With robust security features and compliance measures, PIMSY EHR ensures payroll data’s confidentiality and integrity while improving overall operational efficiency. 

By leveraging PIMSY EHR for payroll integration, mental health agencies can optimize their administrative processes, reduce errors, and focus more on delivering high-quality care to their clients.


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