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2014 Is Here – Let’s Get You Prepared

by Eve Haslam, 1.5.14

I’ve been singing since I was a young girl, and have always taken it for granted that I would sing throughout my life. I didn’t plan for it, yet my styles kept evolving over the years from originals to classical to pop to jazz. Opportunities were always around from road trips to cruise ships. Just fun!

Yet it started to become a nuisance as it interfered with my “serious” priorities. I didn’t plan for this. I’d recorded demos, accepted gigs, created a website – and then suddenly BOOM!! The next thing I knew I needed to purchase a wardrobe, negotiate pay, set performance standards, book the best players, record, market, hustle AND plan! Fast forward and “Satin Steel Jazz” is incorporated, has debuted a first album, is receiving national acclamations, and I’m currently recording album #2.

Point being it never occurred to me that my passion with singing would manifest into a demanding career. And in spite of not having a plan, it kept growing until it became front and center. SO will your business- AND at some point you will require a mind for business. Prepare!

Before you jump into spelling out your goals for 2014, start January out with some real basics. If you don’t already know this feeling, you will be spinning many plates at the same time just as I can now do with a career in singing and a career in business strategy. Even if you use just ONE method from this list, enroll it into your life now!

Here are some steps that successful practitioners and business owners do to prepare: 

1. Get the year clearly organized

Get rid of the piles on your desk, and floor! Schedule effective staff meetings with manageable action plans. Hire an assistant. Delegate things you don’t need to do and lighten your load. Schedule your calendar months with recurring and upcoming events asap. Clear away the residue from last year. Out with what doesn’t serve you anymore and in with a new mindscape to develop! Get organized. 

2. Run from resistance

It never feels good when things go off course. However, move past these changes as quickly as possible. Mourning or hanging onto frustration prolongs the inevitable which is growth and improvement. Take notice when things, or when you don’t flow and turn it around. Reach out for help. Find a solution or even better let someone else find one while you JUMP ON to the next course on your map!

3. Got faith?

Where does your personal faith reside? Believing in your self is imperative, yet being a solo flyer can end us up sending out mayday signals as we crash and fizzle. Foster and deepen your faith as you embrace a new year of professional expansion. Prayer and meditation is as important as nourishing our bodies with food, sleep and fitness. It’s lasting sustenance to commune with nature and a community you embrace.

4. Post more on your real-time wall and not on Facebook

We’re all familiar with to do lists. Here’s a version. Post on your wall where you can see it at all times a list of things that need to be done, ie: New team by April 30th / Increased client base by March 1st / $5000 more per month / Ideal office / and so on. Post as many intentions without knowing HOW they will come about, just that you need them by … Before you know it you will be checking off your lists! Works like magic, which is why all my clients do this.

5. What do you want to be feeling more of?

There are three questions to ask when you facilitate a shift, what are you wanting to experience more of is one of them. List the answers on your wall post-its and let them be where you can see them daily. This keeps your subconscious messaging on track!

6. Who has your back?

Maybe you’ve been at this a while. Maybe you are just starting out and either way the thought never occurred to have an expert in your corner. Think about it, how did your clients come to you? I can guarantee there was a point of hesitation at some point. It can be a deep conditioning that getting help is a shameful flaw – so most go it alone. Allowing expert guidance is just that! No ego. No judgment. Just expertise that is beyond your own. Mental health patients get help because their best thinking got them to that point. Or they have a disorder that needs management. Or they’ve hit bottom and the consequences are not worth the suffering anymore. When you serve your business and view your “self” as your bread and butter- you want the best care so it and you, avoid getting sick. I have a vocal coach. I have a fitness trainer. I have a business coach. I have an attorney, an accountant, a bookkeeper, an assistant, a studio engineer, a copy editor, a music transcriber. Talk to someone who has worked with a reputable business strategist. Research more about how they can help you. Have someone in your corner who has your back where it matters in your business. Build your SUPPORT.

7. No matter what, reach your audience

The absolute most important priority and the most overlooked area of being in business is knowing your market. Not only from the beginning but throughout time. Network with experts. Measure results. Redefine your niche market. Develop a reporting system. Confer with respected colleagues. 9 times out of ten, when business is slow, there’s an absence of knowing how to reach your ever growing and reshaping audience. Reboot what has worked before and dig into new ways to reach them. Brainstorm with your team. Weed out clients that are no longer ideal. Your audience is waiting to hear from you. What you seek is seeking you! Build the way.

This year you can expect to read about specific aspects that every practice requires for achieving results. Get ready to do the work because here we grow!!

Eve Halsam is a guest blogger


Guest blogger, author, performer, and results-oriented business strategist, Eve Haslam speaks and works with clients around the globe through Giving Voice Network, Inc. 

To contact Eve directly, email: or call: 828.707.0564.



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