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Achieving Success in Your Professional Life

by Eve Haslam, 2.20.14 

Knowing you’re good at what you do is one thing. Translating it into a manageable career that nourishes your soul and pays the bills is another! It’s time to run with the BIG DOGS if you want to be in business, just don’t attempt this alone

Just like a garden there are seasons for our professional self, the sole purpose being growth and development. Knowing the season you’re in is the first step!

I have a great deal of expertise in business going from *an employee, *a freelancer, *a self-promoter, to *an owner. I have managed, developed, advanced others as an employee. I’ve reported, profiled and published as a freelancer and promoter. And I’ve branded my own products and methods as an owner. There is a significant difference in each *stance, and every entrepreneur has been in at least one category. The question is currently in which position is your professional self?

Get it on paper

Getting from point A to B always transitions best with a map, or some kind of outline. Draft a summary of what you really want, or at best a check list. I’m radical about getting things out of your head to make more room for ideas. When we see it posted on our wall, in our personal or work space, things manifest.

AT ANY COST get an expert in your corner

For some it can be a foreign concept to work with an expert. Like anything, a fitness trainer, a Pastor or man of the cloth, a vocal coach, a therapist, an editor– all examples of guides for a specific purpose. You wouldn’t think about writing, editing and publishing your first book without some expert guidance. Even more so when launching your dream to achieve the level of steady income and soul satisfaction, an expert in your corner is urgently needed for advice and guidance. Just because you’re brilliant at what you do, doesn’t mean you have that same confidence for running your business.

Get your house of faith in order

Where does your personal faith reside? Believing in your self is imperative, yet being a solo flyer can end us up sending out mayday signals as we crash and fizzle. Foster and deepen your faith as you embrace professional expansion. Prayer and meditation is as important as nourishing our bodies with food, sleep and fitness.

Stop giving it all away

I could write a whole book on just the topic of receiving. It is a cultural condition to give, give, give. This lacks balance and stability. Here are a couple of reasons this is a dilemma: when we’re giving we are in control, when we receive we are not in control. To gauge how well you receive notice what you say when you are being given a compliment. How difficult is it for you to know what to charge for your product or negotiate for your services or to ask for a raise without extreme justification? If you flat out feel uncomfortable notice if you don’t feel worthy, or if you feel out of control, or if you feel shame. Some of us practically refuse to accept a free gift or praise; the shame accompanied with receiving is too uncomfortable. Emotional blocks around money and value are a by-product of conditioning. Part of emotional maturity is learning a healthy form of self-value. Not arrogance, not greed, and not narcissism; rather a birthright of self-love. Without the maturity to value our self, there cannot be a healthy system for self-promotion, for receiving income, and for letting success take place.

Feng Shui

There are proven benefits to this ancient practice. Research the principles and apply treatments in your area of need, such as career and income.

Giving up is not an option

Some may find it hard to believe that financial stress is the #1 cause of suicide. And while there are so many resources in today’s world for support and guidance, the most important thought to hardwire is that help is out there for all of us. The most common reason we sometimes want to give up, suicide being the extreme example, is because we want to end the pain, the fear, the not knowing. This leads to a sense of doom and hopelessness. It happens in business as well. We come to the end of what we know, we hit a wall and believe it’s finite. Not so! There is a solution to every challenge and the first step is to remember is to ask for help. Giving up is not an option, but surrender is a requirement.

Go from Sole Proprietor (self-employed) to INCORPORATED (BUSINESS OWNER)

There are stages as I described, and being self-employed is one step closer to being a business owner. The biggest and most significant difference is the ceiling as a sole proprietor limits growth, and to incorporate your livelihood takes your business to a larger platform of responsibility, development, opportunity and prosperity. Two very different visions!

No matter what, clean house of negative people

The problem with change is it can be uncomfortable. It can hurt. It requires insane courage. It means not caring what others think. It requires out with habitual relationships that are blocking you and in with new friends who promote your new ventures. It means taking one for the team and still being alone. Not running with the herd. Yet this is what life IS all about. Interrupting patterns and comfort zones are the only way to grow and expand your *self*.

2014 is your era to learn specifically about achieving results in your professional life. Get courageous and take the next step!


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eve Halsam is a guest blogger



Guest blogger, author, performer, and results-oriented business strategist, Eve Haslam speaks and works with clients around the globe through Giving Voice Network, Inc. 

To contact Eve directly, email: or call: 828.707.0564.



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