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Leaping With Faith

“Make it so today is not like yesterday and tomorrow will be different forever!” ~ Anthony Robbins

By Eve Haslam, 3.14.14

What do you face as you feel pulled more and more towards going into your own business, leaving the desk of a job forever? Uncharted waters. Excitement and uncertainty. Yet, inevitable.

It’s a fine line easily blurred when we become overwhelmed with doubt and fear; when we give our inner power away. Thoughts can become rigid and fixed on worries. Yet, taking leaps never ends in life or in business. It’s the art of evolving, always reaching for the next level of emotional maturity.

Your own business is a direct reflection of who you are. It’s the final destination of expressing your purpose and claiming your birthright to self-sovereignty. And, when your soul calls you up and out, it’s time to move. One thing always required is unwavering faith, and self-worth. Where is yours at this moment?

Self-value is gauged and sometimes conditioned right out of us early on. Even though, a strong sense of self love and worth is our birthright. One thing to remember is we often come to the end of ourselves in a career, or a job because our soul begs us to redefine, reclaim who we are and what we’re meant to do, on a whole new platform. We’re pushed to grow into a new direction and it’s never comfortable. We are being reminded of a divine plan at work.

Be a renegade and surround yourself with a deeper walk in faith. Aligning with peers who are in your corner. Therapy is an opportunity to help with emotional blocks. A business mentor is a great way to restore your self-value.

Remember, surrendering is not to be mistaken for giving up. When we surrender, new information arrives to assist and guide our dreams. You personally begin to go with the flow, as scary as it may feel. Accepting that you don’t know means surrendering to new information on the way.

  • Be mindful. Pray and meditate daily.
  • Schedule quiet time without distractions.
  • Be with people who celebrate you.
  • Eat well. Exercise. Sleep more. Organize your time.
  • Be among a community that supports you.
  • Soak in baths. Commune with nature often. Surround yourself with loving and expert support.
  • Embrace holistic modalities.
  • Remain in the moment, not the past or the future.
  • Be assured that everything is really working out while it feels like it’s falling apart.

Increased confidence and endurance are the result of quality self-care and spiritual communing. This is paramount for anyone going into business. Faith, discipline and self-care come first- each is a choice.

Welcome to the new world. A world where you make a living doing what you love and have plenty of juice to produce!

eve-haslam-jmGuest blogger, author, performer, and results-oriented business strategist Eve Haslam speaks and teaches clients around the globe through Giving Voice Network, Inc.

To contact Eve directly, email: or call: 828.707.0564.

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