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“Over Giving” Circles Back to Balance

by Eve Haslam, 4.23.14

Do you tend to over-give in a way that hurts your bottom line and peace of mind? Do you see others in business making this perilous mistake? Get from struggle to success by learning how to receive.

We’ve all been there. Doing things we don’t want to do. Helping someone out when we’re barely getting by. Attending events and exchanging forced politeness. We’re conditioned in a culture that promotes “over-giving”, being good enough, earning our keep. We grow up learning to behave in such a way that becomes counter-intuitive to our nature; and in business, it can be futile.

To be a giver is one thing, to be an over-giver is detrimental. Over giving is a dilemma that leads to loss, and I mean depletion of energy, bankruptcy, illness and struggle, until we’re finally saying, “where’s mine?” or “I can’t take it anymore!” We take it because we were taught that saying no is rude. We take it because we’ve been conditioned to chase the dollar, to please others first and to get it all done without help, placing our own wellbeing on the bottom of the list. By default, we’ve become immune to receiving and we’re exhausted.

Having the awareness is the first step, yet not enough. Mantras like “go with the flow” are great bumper stickers, yet to truly experience our *flow* we have to make good conscious choices to make it experiential. What is required is learning to receive. The only way to aim for balance in our lives is to hold back and receive in rhythm with what we give.

Stop giving it all away! Especially if your business is blocked, something in you is blocking it. When what we believe is not the same as what we do, we are in direct conflict with the flow. The good news is we can live a better life as we choose!

When we choose to experience balance, we may not know exactly how to achieve it. Maybe it’s a new field of expression all together. Start with some of the following tips and begin to feel a transformation in your world from struggle to flow; from stress to balance. The outcome will be freedom from drama, vitality in place of drain, more time to create, and inspiration to share more from an overflowing wellspring.

Tune in and notice what your body is feeling when you say YES while you mean to say NO.

Change up your vocabulary by eliminating negative terms like I can’t, I should, I’m trying and replace with I choose, I know and I am.

Take more time for you in nature, on long breaks, quiet days off.

Post inspirational statements where you can see them every day such as, “What you’re seeking IS seeking you”

Exercise boundaries.

Practice more silence and observation, allowing others to solve problems.

Surround yourself with positive, supportive professionals.

Sleep-in. Stop functioning on little sleep.

Deeply soothe your body and your mind. Praise and value yourself.

If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. Turn your phone and TV off.

Eradicate ALL sarcasm.

Pray and chant often.

Forgive yourself and let others off the hook. Let *it* go.

Give thanks to compliments. Receive gifts, income, and more success, by letting them in.

Allow the divine plan to take over when things don’t go as you planned.

STOP chasing anything. If it’s not in your life, wait quietly as it shows up.

Your Take Away

We all need sustenance, flow and balance. To improve this experience you must make new choices. Feeling better, freer and sovereignty over your life- is at your constant disposal, in every moment. It’s always available when you choose to be in the flow, and if you don’t know how, just choose to have balance and it will flow you! 

eve-haslam-jmGuest blogger, author, performer, and results-oriented business strategist Eve Haslam speaks and teaches clients around the globe with her fool-proof business model through Giving Voice Network, Inc.

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