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The Benefit of Dealing with Extremes

by Eve Haslam, 5.12.14

Has the chaos of the noisy world around you taken its toll? Are you met at every turn with emotional extremes? It’s who you become in life that gives lasting peace and pleasure – not the chaotic world outside.

In one word you can return to inner pleasure: PROGRESS.

Nothing we get will ever make us happy, no matter how much we have, because the world around us – good, bad, happy, mad, busy, quiet, wealthy, poor- is fleeting. No matter what era you were raised in, what your values may be, the one thing plainly taking place throughout the world is chaos. The era of electronic information (since MTV), has saturated us with social media, newsletters, emails, and a constant noise. This bombarding stress combined with a changing world has resulted in a psycho-social disconnect so deep within most, that it shows up as exhausting chaos, everywhere.

Dealing with extremes, at your office, at home, on the road, in the store, in finances, personal dramas, in your career – abounds. And while you wish things would be better, it’s not enough to want lasting change in a world of extremes: you have to do the work. You have to give up the idea of trying something out and instead, commit to mastering your domain. You be that change. You be the difference. You bring love to volatility. You bring peace in place of judgment. You be the tranquility in the face of hostility. You be kinder to someone being hateful.

We’re all tested. I have lived in my car, been broke, been shunned by loved ones. I have lost clients, lost adored pets, lost courtroom battles. I have been stopped by the cops, been overweight, been crazy-in love. I have been poor and I’ve been wealthy, alone, and been crazy-busy. I’ve been surrounded by an applauding audience and been subject to no shows. I have been tested by the extremes in life. The secret is not to want to change the world to suit your preferences, but to differentiate and know where you begin and end among the world. In my most trying times I came to know myself so well, that today I can count on me more than anyone.

A therapist once told me, “it’s better to wear slippers than to carpet the world!” The benefit of extremes and struggles teach us how to check in with our wellbeing. They show us who we really, really are. They expose our limitations and boundaries. They remind us what we’re here to do, and give power to our authentic voice. They force us to the end of our egos and align with our spirit.

While living in chaotic times, the first principle to remember is that we each matter. You and I matter. Our lives matter. What we’re each here to do is important. To start feeling this again, measure your progress. Progress in your business. Progress in your body. Progress in your relationships. Progress in your habits. Progress is what keeps us alive, and if we’re not living, we’re dying. So tune out the noise that isn’t yours. Be in the world, not of the world. Differentiate and start banking on your beautiful authentic value!

Your take AWAY-

Progress shows us what we can control and how we create versus what we need to let go of. Instead of being bound by the things you can’t control like other people’s reactions, bad drivers, rude co-workers, bad news, take back what you can control. To honestly change your life, your career, your health – commit to mastering that change, and start acknowledging your daily progress.

eve-haslam-jmGuest blogger, author, performer, and results-oriented business strategist Eve Haslam speaks and teaches clients around the globe through Giving Voice Network, Inc.

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