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PIMSY behavioral health EMR shares common mental health pain points

Pain Point: Using Multiple Systems

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 1.5.16

Are you trying to patch together multiple software and programs to manage your practice?

Multiple systems that aren’t integrated usually create bottlenecks in your agency, costing more than necessary and creating additional hassle to connect – or worse, duplicate – data.

Each Additional Program Adds Work

Think about the various systems you might be working to connect: Calendar? Billing? Appointment Reminders? Electronic notes? Treatment Plans? Authorization Tracking? While it might seem cost effective to maintain different systems for each piece of your practice, unless they are integrated into a central system, each additional program actually adds work! 

This Inefficiency Costs You Money

Every time you or your staff have to duplicate data in multiple systems, import, export, transfer or connect, it’s unnecessary work that’s reducing efficiency and therefore negatively impacting productivity. Because this redundancy happens on all levels, amont your staff, it’s hard to measure – but if you could track it, you might be blown away by the total dollar amount that’s being wasted on repetition.

What’s the Solution?

That depends: are you ready / able to implement a new system?

If so, great: there are mental health practice management systems that tie every aspect of your practice together into one integrated system. These programs eliminate the duplication of effort – and the lost revenue that goes along with it – by efficiently and securely connecting the data. While change of any kind requires the initial investment of focus, time and energy; upgrading to a more efficient process will more than pay for itself.


Imagine all of the procedures & processes you could eliminate by having one integrated system!


If you’re not ready / able to change at this time

what can you do to minimize the harmful impact of multiple systems right now? The best way to combat this challenge in your current set-up is to conduct a practice-wide systems analysis:

     Sit down with each of your teams (front desk, clinicians, billers, administrative staff) and have them show you where two different systems touch. For example, does your billing staff have to take a log of every session and use that to decrement authorizations?

     Watch how the data flows in your agency, and get your staff’s input on ideas they might have to make these processes more streamlined. Once you have an idea of exactly what your staff is doing and how long it takes:

     Critically and creatively examine each process. You can probably shave time off of each workflow by brainstorming a more efficient protocol, whether simple or extensive.

Your employees will gain from the increased efficiency + appreciate being invested in the practice evolution, and the culminative effect of this focusing will benefit your bottom line until a more official upgrade is possible.

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Leigh-Ann Renz is the Business Development and Marketing Director of PIMSY EHR. For more information about electronic solutions for your practice, check out Mental Health EHR.


Kudos from Clients

Seth H.

“PIMSY more than pays for itself by streamlining my office, improving efficiency and reducing billing times. I would recommend PIMSY to anyone looking for a good EMR company that will help you implement its program and help you with any questions you have along the way.”

~ Seth H., Business Owner