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Pain Point: Want Mental Health EHR

by Leigh-Ann Renz, 3.3.16

Mental Health is its own animal: the diagnostic process is more complex than in general medicine; the regulations are different and can be confusing (DSM vs. ICD vs. CPT, anyone?); and behavioral health providers face additional challenges to helping patients, such as cultural stigma about seeking treatment.

Mental Health EHR Is Different Too…

Because our industry is different, practice management software for mental & behavioral health should have functionality that addresses those unique needs:

Authorization Management

Any mental health EMR worth its salt should include powerful, integrated authorization management.

Quantity & Quality

When we first launched PIMSY, in 2007, there were hardly any other mental health EHRs on the market – and those that were available left a lot to be desired. In fact, PIMSY was literally created by and for a mental / behavioral health practice that couldn’t find any electronic programs to meet their needs. They approached our CEO, asked him to build a system from the ground up to manifest their wish list, and voila, PIMSY was born!

Since then, a variety of factors has created a glut of behavioral health programs. Unfortunately, the Meaningful Use (MU) program produced a flood of systems that were created primarily to reap the incentive funds and weren’t focused on the actual workflow of the practice. These systems accomplish the MU goal but can create frustration and inefficiency because they weren’t built for the objective of its end users.

One of the challenges facing behavioral health providers now is not finding a system – it’s weeding through the large amount of EMRs available to find the best fit for the practice. While it’s great that we have a large selection of quantity to choose from, the deluge of poorly-designed systems puts even more burden on practices to find those systems that are of sound quality.

Would You Like Small, Medium, or Large?

One of the benefits of the increase in mental health EHRs is that you can now pick a system that’s more geared to your practice size & scope, instead of the one-size-fits-all market we faced in 2007. While we’ve done a great job calibrating PIMSY for practices ranging from single users to 400+ providers, it’s wonderful that consumers can now pick a system truly built for their functionality needs.

There are now small, nimble systems that are perfect for the single provider who only needs a few key pieces to treat clients. There are medium-sized programs like PIMSY that offer the power of Practice Management in an affordable package; and there are giant systems that only deal with implementations of hundreds of users and up. (That being said, PIMSY is one of only a few systems we know of that offers enterprise-level functionality at a smaller system price).

As you consider EHRs, be sure to ask what size of agency each system is geared towards.

Is PIMSY Only For Mental Health?

Because of PIMSY’s scope, flexibility and customizability, we have clients successfully using it in off-shoots of mental & behavioral health, such as Intensive Outpatient (IOP), inpatient facilities, substance abuse day treatment, methadone administration, ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), Speech Therapy, elder care / nursing homes, in-school child counseling, and more.

How Does It Continue Growing?

PIMSY is updated about once a quarter, based on the needs and feedback of our clients. Just as PIMSY was created by and for mental health providers in the field, PIMSY users continue to shape and feed the evolution of the system.

How Does It Keep You Growing?

PIMSY is one of the only systems on the market that addresses the needs of a wide variety of practice sizes. You can start on PIMSY Prime as a smaller practice and seamlessly transition to PIMSY Professional – and then Platinum – as your practice grows and your needs change.

Because the complimentary, quarterly updates are driven by the feedback and requests of our users, PIMSY clients have a direct hand in how PIMSY evolves over time, giving PIMSY even more opportunity to grow with the practices that utilize it. You’ll be hard pressed to find another system that offers the high-level of customer service, flexibility, customization, and product growth that our team provides.

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Leigh-Ann Renz is the Marketing & Business Development Director of PIMSY EHR. For more information about electronic solutions for your practice, check out Mental Health EHR.




Kudos from Clients

Seth H.

“PIMSY more than pays for itself by streamlining my office, improving efficiency and reducing billing times. I would recommend PIMSY to anyone looking for a good EMR company that will help you implement its program and help you with any questions you have along the way.”

~ Seth H., Business Owner