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PIMSY is uniquely different

PUBLISHED ON: 04.27.2018

How is PIMSY different from other mental health EHR software systems? In addition to our sunflower logo – and bright & sunny vibe – PIMSY has some unique qualities that set it apart from other programs on the market:

1. Created especially for mental & behavioral health

PIMSY isn’t a hasty afterthought, or niche add-on, to medical software. It was created by and for mental & behavioral health clinicians who understand your unique challenges. PIMSY takes care of the details so you can focus on the clients and agency.

2. Everything in one comprehensive, customizable, and flexible system

PIMSY integrates every aspect of your agency into one efficient, effective system: scheduling & calendar, invoicing, remittance processing, HR, payroll, reporting, medication management, the client chart & medical record – all of it. It connects everything together in one comprehensive, customizable, and flexible program.

3. Auto-populate your own forms with data PIMSY is uniquely different from other mental health EHRsfrom the client’s chart!

PIMSY’s tools give you the ability to create your own forms in the system – and to manage, fill out, and sign any document within the program. This capability to auto-populate your own forms with data directly from a patient’s chart is just one example of PIMSY’s unique flexibility.

4. Affordable Behavioral Health EHR

Get an enterprise-level EHR, with all the bells & whistles, at an affordable price.

5. Group & Team Notes

PIMSY is one of the few behavioral health software systems that offers Group and Team Notes.

6. Payroll & HR 

Not every EHR has Human Resources capabilities, but PIMSY empowers you with Advanced Payroll and a solid suite of HR tools to manage your team. 

“PIMSY’s endless intervention with the insurance companies on our behalf has been truly impressive and incredibly helpful. You have treated us as if we are your only customer. I greatly appreciate your commitment to our agency.” – Dr. Michelle R., Business Owner

PIMSY is uniquely different from other behavioral health EHRs

7. It’s Your Data

Unlike many other programs, PIMSY doesn’t hold your data hostage! We’ll happily show you how to download an item or print a report. Should you become a PIMSY client but decide to terminate your contract down the road, we provide your complete database, free of charge or hassle.

8. Custom Client Care

An EHR is only as good as your ability to utilize it! Not only do we offer a rock solid, fully HIPAA-compliant program, we also provide stellar customer service and support. This ensures that you’re empowered to get the most out of PIMSY and tailor it’s capabilities to meet the unique goals of your organization. 

“What I have appreciated most has been the stellar customer service I have received. We had some interesting billing goals, and the PIMSY Team has worked with us, diligently, to accomplish those. Implementation has had it’s usual stressors, but was significantly easier than other EHRs I have worked on in the past.” – Angela W., IT

See how PIMSY is uniquely different from other mental health EHRs

9. HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth

A lot of systems are scrambling to add telehealth in the wake of COVID-19, but PIMSY has been fully integrated with HIPAA-compliant telehealth options for years. 

10. PIMSY Grows With You

With three different functionality tiers to choose from, you won’t outgrow PIMSY: it grows with your organization. Start with the price & features you need now, and seamlessly move among the three plans over time, as the needs of your agency evolve. 

Take Away 

While many giant medical EHRs are churning out slapdash programs, to try and capture a share of the mental health market, that’s not the same as coming at EHR from a clinician’s perspective. PIMSY was built from the ground up by and for behavioral health & substance use. We know our customers on a first-name basis and go above and beyond to help facilitate their needs. Because of this invested relationship, we understand the daily challenges of mental health organizations, and are constantly enhancing PIMSY to evolve with industry changes.

We add new functionality – and complimentary training to know how to use it – is updated about once a month, driven by user feedback and requests. We are still on the front lines with our customers, helping them serve their clients, every day.

PIMSY is a solution, not just a product. Click here to see how it can enhance your agency.


Leigh-Ann Renz

Leigh-Ann Renz

Leigh-Ann Renz is the Marketing & Business Development Director of PIMSY EHR. For more information about electronic solutions for your practice, check out Mental Health EHR.

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