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Prime Pricing Plan

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Cost-Efficient Mental Health Practice Management with PIMSY Prime

Efficiency and accuracy in mental and behavioral health practice management are paramount. Agencies of every size, from solo practices to larger organizations, depend on electronic health records (EHRs) to help manage processes precisely. Introducing the all-new PIMSY Prime, the latest PIMSY innovation and strategic ally, tailored specifically for solo practitioners and small practices.  

  • Intuitive:  Simple, out-of-the-box functionality and online onboarding enable immediate functionality and ease of use. 
  • Affordable:  A cost-efficient yet comprehensive solution that addresses all the core challenges smaller practices or startups face.   
  • Scalable:  A strategic option for practitioners looking to optimize operations, improve client care, and grow their client base.  

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PIMSY’s Role in Mental and Behavioral Health

PIMSY is an electronic health record software built to organically meet the unique requirements of the mental and behavioral health industry. Its extensive features and user-friendly interface empower thousands of mental healthcare providers to manage their patient records, billing, and administrative tasks.

Why PIMSY Prime is the Best EHR Software Solution for Solo Practitioners and Small Practices 

The introduction of PIMSY Prime presents an enhanced EHR system tailored for private and small practices, offering a scalable solution that grows with your practice. It’s designed to ensure practitioners at any growth stage have the necessary tools to expand operations seamlessly, without limitations. PIMSY Prime is a cost-effective, dynamic platform that adapts to your practice’s evolving needs, ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, and a smooth transition during growth phases.

Prime Benefits and Key Features: 

Administration Features  

  • Client Demographics – securely store and organize patient data, streamlining administrative processes and enhancing personalized care.  
  • Document Management – One centralized platform for storing, organizing, and accessing client records, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. 
  • Document Signing Queue – Automating the process, prioritizing tasks, and providing notifications to ensure efficient workflow management and timely completion of necessary signatures. 
  • Microsoft Azure Secure Cloud – Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure ensures secure data storage, scalability, and reliability, providing a compliant platform for managing patient information. 
  • Profile Security – Robust profile security through multi-factor authentication, encryption protocols, and pre-defined role-based access control, safeguards sensitive client information and maintains regulatory compliance. 
  • Client / Patient Portal Enhance client engagement, streamline communication, and provide secure access to personal health information, fostering a transparent and collaborative therapeutic relationship.  
  • Client Self Scheduler Offers a user-friendly interface, real-time availability updates, and automated appointment confirmations, empowering clients to schedule appointments conveniently and reducing the administrative burden within the agency.  
  • Intake Assistant – This automated intake tool lets potential patients sign up for care directly from your website. Built-in screening questions, provider bios, and schedule preference matching ensure a seamless intake process. 

Billing Features 

  • Client Payments – Patients can pay their statement balances online and pay appointment copays in advance.
  • Report Capability – Reconcile to ensure proper reimbursement for all procedures, treatments, and other billing services.  
  • Electronic Billing – Supports the electronic submission of HCFA and/or UB-04 primary insurance claims.
  • Generate Billing Statements – Generates statements with a clear breakdown of charges for patient transparency. 
  • Receipts and Superbill – PIMSY supports receipt and superbill functionality. 

Clinician Toolkit Features

  • Dashboard – Gain insights into patient progress, fostering personalized care approaches.  
  • Note Builder Efficiently document client encounters with templates, ensuring accurate and comprehensive records. 
  • Automated Measure Scoring – Leveraging built-in algorithms and data analytic tools to efficiently process clinical data, enabling providers to assess client progress and make informed treatment decisions. 
  • Wiley Treatment Planner Integrates seamlessly with PIMSY’s Treatment Plan Builder to enable clinicians to quickly and efficiently build comprehensive care plans that are individualized and specific to each patient’s needs. 
  • Vital Signs – Provides accurate data entry, graphical representation, and trend analysis, enabling providers to monitor client status accurately and efficiently during clinical encounters. 
  • Telehealth Platform Conduct secure virtual sessions, expanding access to care and accommodating clients’ needs.  
  • Substance Tracking – Improve your practice by documenting and tracking substance history quickly and efficiently. 
  • Group Notes – Combined with PIMSY’s Client Groups feature, Group Notes enables quick and efficient documentation for all group members and includes templates and attendance tracking. 
  • PAISLY AI (Artificial Intelligence) Utilizes advanced natural language processing, machine learning, and algorithms to analyze your documented (or referenced) information in the session note and generate insightful and coherent narratives in the chosen format, eliminating manual narrative construction. 
  • Automated Appointment Reminders – Seamlessly alert clients, reducing no-shows and improving appointment adherence.


What makes PIMSY PRIME more suited for solo practitioners than the regular PIMSY offering? 

PIMSY Prime is specifically tailored to the unique needs of solo practitioners and small practices, offering streamlined features that you need, not just pay for. PIMSY can scale your needs as you grow, so there is no need to change EHRs with growth; simply change plans.

Do I have to download anything?

No. PIMSY Prime is entirely browser-based.

Do I have to purchase a specific device, or will mine work?

One of the most significant benefits of PIMSY Prime is that it works on any browser device. However, an internal or external webcam may be needed if you plan to utilize the integrated Telehealth feature.

What other mental health specialties does PIMSY Prime accommodate?

Prime will accommodate solo or small practices for various specialties, including occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and nurse practitioners. Contact us today to see how our practice management software can improve patient care and reduce administrative burdens.


PIMSY Prime changes the landscape in mental health practice management, catering to the needs of solo practitioners and small practices. Our EHR solution’s innovative features and functionality empower mental healthcare professionals to foster agency growth while maintaining focus on what matters most: delivering high-quality care to their clients. 

Whether starting a practice, switching EMR software, or moving from paper to electronic medical records, PIMSY offers all the expertise needed in one dynamic platform.


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