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Revolutionize Your Agency with the PIMSY EHR Provider Portal: A Game-Changer for Mental Health Clinicians

The PIMSY Provider Portal is a groundbreaking solution for mental and behavioral health clinicians, offering an intuitive and efficient tool to revolutionize practice management. This innovative tool completely reimagines the way you work, eliminating the need for repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as note-taking, electronic health records, client management, and form completion. Experience a paradigm shift in your workflow as the Provider Portal streamlines these redundant tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—providing exceptional patient care and enhancing the quality of your services.

Key features: 


Client Tags enable easy identification and quick and easy access to critical health information, offering a powerful organizational advantage for mental and behavioral health clinicians.

Appointment Tags 

Easily edit calendar and tracking tags within our EHR system portal, providing the flexibility and control you need to efficiently manage appointment scheduling and tracking processes.  


View Tasks by color-coded status, prioritize, add, and communicate, enhancing the ability to prioritize and organize workload while promoting effective communication; all seamlessly in a single window.   


View cross-platform Alerts, customizable, tailor views, timing, designates, and responses within a single user-friendly window. 

Global Notes List 

Set up Notes view access based on user profile, from single Provider access to Supervisor level access. 

Reduce Healthcare Provider Clicks 

Toggle between clients and open charts, making the task of closing and reopening unnecessary as PIMSY tracks and maintains available activities for you. 

WILEY Practice Data 

Using practice management software, effortlessly create treatment plans through the Wiley Data form and track their progress on the client dashboard. This integration allows for seamless management and monitoring of client treatment progress.


The Calendar tab offers a comprehensive and convenient way to manage schedules, including the ability to view all upcoming appointments. 

Easy Communication 

Improve patient experience by quickly and seamlessly sending follow-up instructions and guidance to your clients directly through the Patient Portal, making it convenient and immediate.  

Client Documentation 

Effortlessly document essential notes and electronic medical records, saving time and maintaining a smooth and efficient workflow within your mental health practice. Handle all clinical information easily and securely with our EHR software.

Client Management 

Toggle multiple client tabs simultaneously, update notes, reference appointments, and manage tasks such as prescription refills, all within a single web browser.

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Author: pehradmin