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PSYCHEDELICS – Exploring the Potential in a New Era of Mental Health

Event Details

Enjoy this webinar experience on the transformative potential of Psychedelics Therapy in mental health practices. Gain valuable insights from an expert and explore the path to becoming a licensed psychedelic prescriber. Led by Dr. Raymond Turpin, one of the founders of The Pearl Psychedelic Institute.

Webinar Highlights: 

  1. Brief Overview of the History of Psychedelics: Discover the history of psychedelics in mental health and explore the current perspective and attitudes towards Psychedelic Therapy in the field. 
  2. Your Guide to the Field: Learn about the work of Dr. Ray Turpin, founder of The Pearl Psychedelic Institute, and explore his passion for Psychedelic Therapy and the transformative treatments offered.
  3. Promise of Psychedelics: Delve into the potential of psychedelic-assisted treatments in mental health. Explore the groundbreaking promise and positive outcomes witnessed in various conditions. 
  4. Training and Experience: Gain insights into becoming a licensed psychedelic prescriber and explore specialized training opportunities for mental health professionals interested in integrating psychedelic therapy into their practice. 

Click here to unlock the transformative power of Psychedelic Therapy in mental health.

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Raymond Turpin

Dr. Turpin holds a BA in Psychology from UGA, an MA in Psychology from West Georgia College, and a PsyD in Clinical Psychology from CIIS in San Francisco.

Watch Now

The live event has already taken place. Don’t worry, we recorded it for you! Enjoy the full event below.

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