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EHR Software

Empowering Psychotherapy Practices with a Comprehensive Solution

For psychotherapists and mental health providers seeking to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their practice, Electronic Health Records (EHR) software is a game changer. EHRs streamline a wide range of tasks, from patient documentation and treatment planning to billing and scheduling. This all-in-one solution not only simplifies administrative processes but also improves the quality of patient care by providing quick access to patient histories, treatment progress, and collaborative care opportunities. By adopting EHR software, psychotherapists can focus more on delivering personalized care and less on time-consuming paperwork, ultimately fostering a more dynamic and responsive therapeutic environment.

Benefits for Psychotherapists

Real-Time Therapy Notes

Never miss a detail – jot down observations seamlessly during sessions. Our real-time note-taking feature, with PAISLY AI, ensures that every critical insight and patient expression is captured as it happens, allowing you to focus more on the patient and less on psychotherapy notes.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Design individualized treatment plans with ease. PIMSY EHR allows you to create, adjust, and monitor treatment plans that are as unique as your patients, ensuring a personalized therapy journey for each individual.

Appointment Management

Effortless scheduling and automated reminders reduce no-shows and streamline your practice. Our user-friendly interface allows for quick online scheduling and automatic appointment reminders to keep both you and your patients on track.

Provider Portal and Client Portal

Foster a continuous connection with your patients. Our portals offer secure communication, access to therapy progress notes, and the ability to track progress and schedule appointments, enhancing patient engagement and satisfaction.


Simplify your billing process. PIMSY EHR integrates billing and payment processing, reducing administrative strain and improving cash flow for mental health professionals. Our system is designed to handle the unique financial aspects of psychotherapy practices with ease with features for collecting payments from clients and insurance companies and even can send payment reminders.

Treatment Outcome Measures

Track therapeutic progress with precision using our Treatment Outcome Measures feature. This tool empowers behavioral health professionals to quantitatively assess the effectiveness of their treatment plans, providing valuable insights into patient progress. With the ability to monitor improvements or identify areas needing additional focus, therapists can tailor their approaches for maximum efficacy. Integrated directly into PIMSY, this feature simplifies the process of gathering, analyzing, and applying outcome data, ensuring that your focus remains on patient care while we handle the analytics.

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Embrace flexibility and accessibility with our integrated Telehealth feature. PIMSY EHR’s Telehealth capabilities enable psychotherapists to conduct remote sessions seamlessly, ensuring that geographical barriers or mobility issues do not hinder patient care. For therapists, this means a broader reach, efficient time management, and the ability to maintain continuity of care regardless of physical constraints. Our platform ensures that these compliant video conferencing interactions are as secure as in-person visits and follow all industry standards, safeguarding patient confidentiality.


“For years, we were forced to use a very clumsy & rudimentary system. We asked PIMSY to design a new EHR that fits our need, and it has been great. PIMSY is much more user-friendly, and it performs the tracking and notification requirements that we need.”

– Raymond T.

“PIMSY has been everything I’ve wanted – and more – all under ‘one roof’. From client scheduling, billing, tracking, statistics, and even sending client reminders. I am so much more efficient in my practice now and wish I had discovered PIMSY sooner.”

– Dan S.


Q: Can I customize the templates for different types of therapy sessions?

A: Absolutely! PIMSY EHR offers customizable templates to suit various therapy modalities. Whether you specialize in CBT, DBT, or any other form of psychotherapy, our software adapts to your unique needs.

Q: Is PIMSY EHR software compliant with HIPAA and other privacy regulations?

A: Yes, PIMSY EHR is fully compliant with HIPAA and other industry standards, ensuring that your clients’ information is always protected. Whether your a private practice or small business in the mental health industry, PIMSY can assist with your practice management.

Q: How does PIMSY EHR improve patient engagement?

A: Our patient portal allows for secure messaging, access to resources, and the ability to track therapy progress, which actively involves patients in their therapy journey and improves treatment outcomes.

Q: How User-Friendly is the EHR System?

A: PIMSY EHR software is very user-friendly. It features an easy-to-navigate interface with simple menus, allowing you to find what you need without hassle. You can customize your screens to suit your preferences, and documentation tasks like note-taking are quick and efficient. If you ever need assistance, there’s comprehensive customer service and training available. Plus, it’s mobile-friendly, so you can use it on various mobile devices.

Q: Does the System Offer Integrated Billing and Insurance Claim Support?

A: Yes, the EHR software comes with integrated billing and insurance claim support. It automates many billing tasks, including creating invoices and processing payments. The practice management software simplifies insurance claims from submission to resolution. It facilitates accurate coding for services and enables electronic verification of patient insurance eligibility, helping to avoid billing issues. Additionally, it provides financial reports to help you keep track of your practice’s financial health.

Reach out to PIMSY for a Demo

If you’re interested in seeing firsthand how PIMSY EHR can transform your behavioral health practice, we invite you to reach out to us for a personalized demo. Our team is eager to demonstrate how our user-friendly, feature-rich software can streamline your administrative tasks, enhance patient care, and support your billing processes. Contact us today to schedule your demo and take the first step towards a more efficient and effective practice management solution with PIMSY EHR.

Feeling forced into a new EHR and the deadline is looming?

All EHRs are not the same. It’s critical to find the one that fits the unique needs of your organization. Find out why people choose PIMSY.