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PIMSY Newsletters

We’ve been sending out informative newsletters since 2011 and we’ve kept an archive of them all. Use this page to search through past newsletter topics and learn about the history of PIMSY EHR.

Mandatory Disclosures

We invite you to explore our range of certifications where expertise meets validation. Here you can find details on important topics like Multi-factor authentication, cost transparency, and PIMSY’s ONC EHR Certification. 

PUBLISHED ON: May 28, 2023

Compliance Key Download

Employing a Robust EHR Compliance Key: Safeguarding Against Risks As electronic health records (EHR) usage continues to surge, providers and clinicians will significantly bene…
PUBLISHED ON: May 25, 2023

Mastering AI & HIPAA Compliance

For mental and behavioral health professionals, it’s crucial to address a pressing concern. How does the impending use of generative AI affect compliance in your agency? Learn …
PUBLISHED ON: April 26, 2023

EHR Guide for Mental and Behavioral Health

A quick reference EHR Guide for mental and behavioral health can be invaluable. Especially when choosing the best electronic health record (EHR) software for your agency. As a m…
PUBLISHED ON: April 14, 2023

CURES Act & Information Blocking Compliance

Stay Ahead of CURES Act Compliance – Join Our Essential Webinar for Mental & Behavioral Health Providers. CURES Act Compliance- the definition The Cures Act defines informat…
PUBLISHED ON: December 1, 2022

PIMSY’s Stellar Customer Service

PIMSY’s stellar customer service includes outstanding initial training and superior ongoing support. Each PIMSY customer receives a customized implementation plan. Subsequently,…
PUBLISHED ON: October 23, 2022

Nutrition & Self-Care: Autumn Edition

The peppers have been picked, and the flowers hung to dry. The wood fire stove is lit. The crisp autumn air has signaled that change is upon us. After weeks of pickling, drying…
PUBLISHED ON: August 24, 2022

MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy

2017 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted Breakthrough Therapy Designation to MDMA for PTSD. Ultimately, this made it the first psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy…
PUBLISHED ON: July 29, 2022

Mental Health and Creativity in the Lunar Cycles

Whether you can associate your own physical or emotional responses to the lunar cycles, there’s no denying that the moon is responsible for the natural rhythms that we are surro…
PUBLISHED ON: June 29, 2022

Health & Wellness in Summer

Oh, how that summer buzz so effortlessly conjures a playful spirit among us all in the garden: plants, people, and insects alike. The flowers are taking their turns in bloom, th…
PUBLISHED ON: May 4, 2022

Mental Health, Self Care, and Nutrition: Spring

Maybe you’re starting to feel the seasonal shift physically, but do you know what’s being asked of you? Spring is the time to shake off the heavy feelings of lethargy, cleanse o…
PUBLISHED ON: April 28, 2022

Children’s Health and Nature

Do you have memories of nature or playing outdoors from childhood? What do they conjure up? As a child growing up in the suburbs, if it was a nice day out, you were outside. The…
PUBLISHED ON: March 31, 2022

Mental Health and Social Connections

Did you know that strong social connections can help you live longer and lower levels of anxiety and depression? When looking at how to best support your mental health, it’s imp…

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