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Empower Your Practice: Experience the Best in Efficiency and Care with PIMSY EHR

For a small mental health practice, an Electronic Health Records, or an EHR system that not only understands but also adapts to your unique needs is vital. PIMSY EHR offers an unparalleled blend of functionality and simplicity, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – your clients.

Features for Your Small Mental Health Practice

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Client Dashboard

Gain a comprehensive view of each client’s journey at a glance. The Client Dashboard centralizes critical patient information, enabling mental health professionals to deliver personalized and effective care. This tool is essential for psychologists, counselors, and other specialists in tracking progress, planning treatments, and making informed decisions.

Treatment Plans

Design tailored treatment plans effortlessly, accommodating the diverse needs of your clients. This feature supports all mental health disciplines in creating and managing effective, client-centric strategies, whether for individual therapy, group sessions, or complex psychiatric care.

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Telehealth Integration

Embrace the flexibility and reach of modern therapy with integrated telehealth solutions. This feature is crucial for providing accessible care, especially valuable for clients who prefer remote sessions or those in remote areas, ensuring continuity of care regardless of physical location.


Streamline the prescription process with secure and efficient ePrescribing. This tool is particularly vital for psychiatrists and other prescribing professionals, ensuring accurate medication management, reducing prescription errors, and improving overall treatment effectiveness.

Clinical Notes

Enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your clinical documentation with customizable note templates. This feature supports detailed record-keeping for all types of mental health services, from diagnostic assessments to medical records and therapy session notes, aiding in better client outcomes and compliance.

Client Payments and Electronic Billing

Simplify your practice’s financial operations with integrated client payments and electronic billing. This system is designed to ease the billing process for all types of mental health services, ensuring timely payments and efficient revenue cycle management, allowing professionals to focus more on client care than administrative tasks.


“I definitely recommend PIMSY. It has been a tremendous asset to our agency, and their team is very responsive to our needs. PIMSY has made everything about our jobs easier!

– Raymond T.

“PIMSY has been everything I’ve wanted – and more – all under ‘one roof’. From client scheduling, billing, tracking, statistics, and even sending client reminders. I am so much more efficient in my practice now and wish I had discovered PIMSY sooner.”

– Dan S.


Q: Does PIMSY use customizable templates for different types of therapy sessions?

A: Absolutely! PIMSY EHR allows full customization of templates to suit various therapy modalities, ensuring that your documentation reflects the uniqueness of each session.

Q: Is training provided for staff on how to use PIMSY EHR?

A: Yes, comprehensive training is provided to ensure that your staff is comfortable and proficient in using PIMSY EHR. This includes online tutorials, webinars, and customer support. We make your EHR adoption process a breeze.

Q: What is the cost of implementing PIMSY EHR for a small practice?

A: The cost of implementing PIMSY EHR varies based on the size of your practice and the specific features you require. We offer scalable solutions to ensure affordability and value for small practices.

Q: Does PIMSY improve patient engagement?

A: With features like appointment reminders and a patient portal, your clients can be more involved in their mental health.

Q: What kind of healthcare organizations does PIMSY work for?

A: PIMSY was created for mental health professionals. We were one of the first EHR solutions for mental health providers and for this reason our features and solutions are tailored specifically for mental health care. Smaller practices, private practices, or other behavioral or mental health agencies looking for software options to improve your practice management, look no further than PIMSY, the EMR software made for mental health services.

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Join the ranks of small practices excelling with PIMSY EHR. With comprehensive features and a user-friendly interface, your mental health practice can improve patient care and clinical workflows.

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