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PUBLISHED ON: 06.10.2015
PIMSY behavioral health practice management kudos

PIMSY Mental Health Electronic Health Records (EHR)

// “If you are looking for quality, commitment, and integrity when choosing an electronic health record, PIMSY is the company to choose.” – Emily H., EHR Administrator & Trainer

// “PIMSY met and exceeded our expectations, flat out they nailed it.” – Manote P., Agency Owner

// “PIMSY offers a complete system with an intuitive interface at any almost unbelievably affordable price.” – Erin H., Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner / Owner

The above quotes are real, unsolicited testimonials from PIMSY users. We receive them all the time as our customers utilize our behavioral health EHR software – and interact with our phenomenal Support Team. Occasionally we ask for feedback from our users; but typically, these testimonials come in spontaneously because we have delighted our customers with our product, our services, or often both. In fact, we’ve gotten so many kudos from satisfied customers that I had to create a spreadsheet to keep track of all of the positive feedback!

PIMSY’s Stellar Customer Service

One of the things that sets PIMSY apart from the growing throng of behavioral health EHRs is our exceptional level of customer service. While having a solid system is important – and PIMSY is an incredibly robust and user-friendly program – software is only as powerful a tool as what you do with it.

Not only do we provide a comprehensive, flexible and affordable mental health software; we also provide the Training and Support to maximize it for your practice.

// “To me, the most important thing about an EHR is to have the features that you need, have it customizable to your business, whether big or small, and to be able to use those features. I don’t care if you have the best program in the world, if you can’t use it, then it doesn’t help you. PIMSY has the features that I need and the customer support to teach me how to use them.” – Seth H., Organization Owner

// “PIMSY’s excellent support team and can-do attitude lends itself to endless possibilities of what the program can do. It shows that they want the program to be the best it can be, so you can be the best you can be.” – Catherine C., Systems Administrator

Flexibility, Training, and Implementation

Another thing that sets PIMSY apart from the competition is its flexibility: PIMSY offers unprecedented customizable options with its Q&A functionality, controllable settings, and security profiles. Set PIMSY up to mimic the forms, templates and workflow you’ve already worked hard to create – and/or those required by your payers.

Not only does our Team provide comprehensive system-wide training, they show you how to maximize these customizable system settings to accomplish your agency goals. PIMSY allows you to recreate your process in a software package – and we show you how to calibrate the system to your specifications.

All PIMSY clients participate in a thorough implementation process, in which we review your needs, timelines, goals and limitations – and map out a deployment plan for success. We then engage the staff needed (from your team and ours) to execute a successful roll-out. During this process, we take extra steps to ensure a smooth transition for you – such as scheduling coordination with our in-house Billing Team to determine the best method of securing consistent revenue stream as you come on board with PIMSY.

Tailored Customer Service and Support

Once the training and implementation process is complete, our Team remains available to you: to answer questions and help you brainstorm solutions to practice challenges over time. You can expect a live person answering your call during support hours; and on the rare occasion you can’t reach someone immediately, your voice mail or email will be promptly returned.

With PIMSY, you’re not just a number. We know our clients on a first name basis; we know their challenges and pain points; and we work hard to help them achieve success in using PIMSY for their practice. This level of highly invested, tailored customer service is unique among mental health EMRs; it delights our customers; and it’s what garners these types of kudos.

“What I have appreciated most has been the stellar customer service I have received. Billing has always been challenging, as we had some interesting billing goals, and the PIMSY Team has worked with us, diligently, to accomplish those. The ease of the PIMSY interface was a great benefit.” – Angela W., IT/Training

Check out more testimonials here, and contact us to see how PIMSY can save time, reduce cost, and maximize efficiency for your agency: 877.334.8512, ext 1 ||

Leigh-Ann Renz

Leigh-Ann Renz

Leigh-Ann Renz is the Marketing & Business Development Director of PIMSY EHR. For more information about electronic solutions for your practice, check out Mental Health EHR.

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