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Therapy Scheduling Software Solution

PIMSY is a comprehensive solution tailored specifically for behavioral healthcare businesses. Our platform offers a variety of features designed to streamline administrative tasks and improve overall practice efficiency. Among its key functionalities is an advanced scheduling feature that simplifies patient appointment management, supports recurring sessions, optional telehealth integration, and offers secure messaging. PIMSY EHR’s compliant scheduling software is customizable to meet the unique needs of behavioral healthcare professionals, creating a more organized and effective practice.

See How PIMSY Scheduling Works

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Patient Self-Scheduler

Our Client Portal enables clients to view availability and schedule online appointments without assistance from administrative staff. Clients can also schedule virtual appointments with our telehealth integration capability.
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Resource Allocation

Manages the allocation of resources such as rooms and equipment, ensuring that all necessary resources are available for scheduled appointments.
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HIPAA Compliance

The PIMSY scheduling feature maintains HIPAA compliance requirements by adhering to strict security measures and keeping client data safe.

EHR Scheduling Features

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Scheduling Preferences

Providers can set parameters for appointment types, durations, and availability, ensuring appointments align with their workflow.
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Self Scheduler

Patients can view and manage their appointments thru their Client Portal.
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Centralized Scheduling

While providers can maintain their own schedules, optionally schedules can also be maintained by intake staff from a single, central calendar
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Automated Appointment Reminders

Automated appointment reminders are integrated into the online scheduling software through email, text, or the Client Portal.
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View Client Information

Each appointment displays information relevant for the client including demographic data, payer, etc. Other information such as outstanding record items, balance & copay, and upcoming appointments are also available.
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Analyze Appointment Data

Healthcare providers can analyze appointment data, track patient attendance rates, and optimize their scheduling processes. 

Streamline Practice Workflow

Eliminate paper scheduling and transform your practice’s efficiency with online scheduling. This feature significantly reduces administrative tasks, allowing staff to focus on more important aspects of patient care. Providers can customize appointment types, durations, and availability to ensure each slot aligns perfectly with their workflow. This not only minimizes no-shows but also enhances overall organizational efficiency.
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Improve Patient Engagement

Self-scheduling allows patients to schedule appointments anytime, even outside regular business hours. This flexibility eliminates the need for callbacks and reduces time spent on hold with administrative staff. The ability to choose from available times not only simplifies the scheduling process but also increases patient satisfaction by giving them the control and flexibility they desire in managing their health appointments.

Client Testimonials:

“The layout is straightforward and easy to navigate. The SAL Calendar is intuitive and a much better way for scheduling than a lot of what I’ve seen. Most importantly, it’s stable and autosaves.”

– Randall B.

“Scheduling, medical records, coordination with pediatricians, and billing are all in one easy system. PIMSY has given our agency the ability to be productive and successful at an affordable cost.”

– Jen G.


How far out can an appointment be scheduled?
Appointments can be scheduled anytime! Client appointments are made based on schedule preferences. For example, if your schedule preferences go for a year, appointments can be scheduled for a year.
Can PIMSY help with intake processes?
Yes, PIMSY has custom features to help with client intake and forms. Our Intake Assistant can screen and match new clients to the appropriate provider to begin their services.
How does PIMSY adhere to the HIPAA rules and protect client’s sensitive data?

PIMSY is a HIPAA-compliant scheduling software equipped with security features to safeguard patient data. These compliant features include encryption, access controls, audit trails, and user authentication, among other administrative safeguards. Each security measure is designed to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, PIMSY regularly updates its software to keep pace with evolving regulatory standards, ensuring that practices can adapt to changing HIPAA requirements and maintain the highest levels of patient privacy.

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Discover More Benefits of PIMSY for Your Practice

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Financial Reporting
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Note Builder
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HIPPA Compliance
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Bed Management
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Treatment Planning
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All EHRs are not the same. It’s critical to find the one that fits the unique needs of your organization. Find out why people choose PIMSY.