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Transform Your Speech Therapy Practice with Cutting-Edge EHR Software Solution

Streamline your practice with intuitive, tailored solutions – designed to enhance patient care and optimize therapy sessions. Our electronic health record (EHR) software is customizable for Speech Pathologists.

Speech Therapy Practice Management Software Features

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Client Dashboard

The Client Dashboard is a central hub for all client-related information. It provides a comprehensive view of client profiles, including their therapy histories, progress notes, and relevant personal details. With this feature, speech therapists can effortlessly manage client information, leading to more personalized care. It removes the administrative burdens of tracking therapy progress, adjusting treatment plans, and understanding each client’s unique needs. This ensures that every therapy session is tailored to the individual, enhancing the overall effectiveness of treatment.


Teletherapy sessions allow therapists to conduct sessions remotely. Our telehealth software feature is integrated into the EMR system, making it seamless to set up and manage virtual appointments. Telehealth expands the reach and flexibility of speech therapy services. It enables therapists to provide consistent care to clients who may be unable to attend in-person sessions due to distance, mobility issues, or other constraints.

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Treatment Plans

The Treatment Plan module allows for the creation and adjustment of detailed, individualized treatment plans for each client. It includes goal setting, progress tracking, and customizable therapy strategies. This feature ensures that every therapy session is impactful and goal-oriented. Therapists can craft detailed treatment plans that are easily adjustable as the client progresses or as their needs change. This leads to more efficient and effective therapy, with clear objectives and measurable outcomes.


ePrescribing provides a secure and efficient way to manage medication prescriptions directly from the EHR software. It includes features like medication selection, dosage specification, and pharmacy communication. With ePrescribing, therapists can swiftly and securely prescribe necessary medications. This feature enhances patient safety by reducing prescription errors and streamlines the medication management process in real time.

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Clinical Notes

Clinical Notes offer a comprehensive platform for therapists to document therapy sessions. It includes customizable templates, easy editing, and secure storage of session notes. Maintaining detailed and organized clinical notes is vital for effective speech therapy. This feature enhances the quality of therapy sessions by allowing therapists to easily record observations, session details, and client responses. Efficient note-taking leads to better session planning and review, ultimately improving clinical workflows and therapy outcomes. Additionally, explore our PAISLY AI feature for clinical documentation, reducing administrative burden for your practice.

Custom Forms

Custom Staff Forms allow for the creation of tailored clinical documentation to fit the unique needs of the therapy team. This includes customizable fields, templates, and reporting options. It allows for more relevant and precise data collection, aiding in better client assessment and treatment planning. Custom forms including intake forms, ensure that all necessary information is captured and easily accessible, facilitating better communication and collaboration among staff members.


“PIMSY is a powerful, yet very affordable, system geared for behavioral health. They thought of everything you could want – and more – and it offers a lot of customization.”

– Andrew H.

“Since we went live with PIMSY in July of 2021, ALL of our chart audits by our stakeholders have exceeded expectations. They really like how easy it is for them to review charts on PIMSY. This includes Partners Behavioral Health, US Probation Office, Sandhills Center, and Vaya Health. We look forward to growing with PIMSY.”

– Darrell B.


Q: Can I customize the templates for different types of therapy sessions?

A: Absolutely! Our speech therapy EMR software offers customizable templates to suit various therapy needs, ensuring you have the right tools for every session.

Q: Is the software capable of handling ePrescribing safely?

A: Yes, our ePrescribing feature is designed for secure and swift medication management, adhering to all safety protocols.

Q: How does the Client Dashboard enhance patient care?

A: The Client Dashboard allows you to easily access and update client information, making each therapy session more focused and effective.

Q: What kind of mental and behavioral health practices does PIMSY cater towards?

A: PIMSY EHR is a comprehensive and specialized electronic health record system designed to meet the unique needs of mental and behavioral health practitioners, including those in occupational therapy, substance use, psychology, and more. Explore more about PIMSY through our case studies.

PIMSY, Your Speech Language Pathology EHR Software

Speech therapists, or speech-language pathologists, play a crucial role in healthcare due to their expertise in diagnosing and treating swallowing and language disorders. They are essential for the health, safety, and well-being of individuals with a communication disorder. Join the revolution in speech therapy.

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