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Strategic Partnerships in Healthcare Innovation: Insights from PIMSY EHR and KANINI on Advancing EHR Technology

PUBLISHED ON: 06.18.2024
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In an era where healthcare innovation is paramount, strategic partnerships are crucial in driving technological advancements. One such PIMSY collaboration is with KANINI, where Ganesh Subbaiyan is the Director of Program Delivery for the Healthcare vertical.

Ian MacDonald, founder and CEO of PIMSY, and Ganesh took a moment to discuss the topic of healthcare innovation and the importance of strategic partnerships in driving the future of mental healthcare. Both executives are staunch advocates for technology-driven Electronic Health Record (EHR) innovations emphasizing patient engagement and collaborative care. Their extensive experience in the EHR domain offers valuable insights into how EHR technology companies can prioritize the platform’s end-users – the providers and patients.

We invite you to read more about their vision for a future where EHR systems are efficient and user-centric, and foster an environment of enhanced healthcare delivery and improved patient outcomes.

Author: pehradmin

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