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Enhance Workflow Management with Customizable Tags

Utilizing the Tags feature within PIMSY Electronic Health Record (EHR) software streamlines processes, making managing clients, appointments, and user profiles easier. Additionally, valuable customization options enhance the usability and efficiency of the system, improve workflow, and cater to the unique needs of different healthcare providers and specialties.  

Benefits and Key Features: 

Below are some key areas where utilizing Tags will significantly impact the effectiveness of managing clients.

Use three types of tags: billing, disposition, and pronouns. Users may customize these categories and add various tags based on preference.

Service Activity Log (SAL)
Use SAL tracking tags to indicate the status of a client’s appointment, like whether they are late, in the waiting room, or ready for checkout. These tags help track various aspects of the client’s appointment and treatment.

Client and SAL tags can be viewed and/or modified within Notes and are quickly retrieved. Easy access to Note tags about the note you currently view allows users to focus on relevant information.

Document users’ specialties and employment status to help filter and organize users in the scheduler. For instance, you can filter users with specific specialties, such as adult counseling, and even combine them with other tags like experience.

Profile Management
You can use profile management to ensure that only certain users see specific tags. Profile assignments and rules allow you to control who can view and modify tags. This feature ensures that tags are used effectively based on user roles and responsibilities.

Furthermore, customizable tabs will contribute to your bottom line for several reasons:

  • Specialty-specific workflows – allow users to tailor the interface to distinct clinical workflows and documentation requirements, making it easier to record and access relevant client information.
  • User efficiency – permits users to rearrange and customize tabs, which will streamline data entry and retrieval processes, reducing the time spent navigating the system and improving overall efficiency.
  • Personalization – enables users to set up the interface according to preferences, leading to a more user-friendly experience and increased user satisfaction.
  • Data relevance – helps users focus on the specific data and functions most pertinent to their daily tasks, reducing information overload.
  • Interoperability – facilitates the integration of EHR systems with other healthcare software and databases by allowing users to configure the system to match external data formats and standards.
  • Enhanced user adoption – healthcare professionals can adopt software more efficiently when tailored to specific needs and workflows, as users are more likely to embrace and use it effectively.
  • Reducing cognitive load – makes it easier for healthcare providers to focus on client care rather than becoming stifled by a complex and cluttered interface.
  • Quality of care – foster better client care by ensuring that relevant patient data is readily available, and that documentation aligns with best practices.


Understanding the PIMSY Tags feature will improve efficiency, usability, and adaptability to your agency’s unique needs, and you can provide better patient care.

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